Infiniti Q60 Cabrio 2017, the first recreation of a convertible with style

Infiniti Q60 Cabrio 2017 recreaciónThis Detroit motor show has left us with a coupe japanese that we are all already waiting to see in the dealers. This is the Infiniti Q60 Coupe was a new generation that comes with the stamp of style of the brand willing to give not only relief to his predecessor, but to beat each other with assurances to their rivals in europe. We now know a recreation of the Infiniti Q60 Cabrio, the convertible version that we should know in the next few months.

X-Tomi is the one in charge to give life to this convertible version, a simple recreation that shows us a Q60 homeless, coming safely to a retractable canvas roof. We do not know of data, but we can say for sure and for certain that what you see in picture is what you will see on the streets in the coming months. Maybe face to 2017.

Infiniti Q60 Coupé 2017

Infiniti Q60 Coupe

To fill the gap left by the soft top once retracted, it goes to a chrome frame that covers the lower part of the window and the line where before it would put the rear window. It is true that the result is something weird about the fall of the third volume, which breaks the ascending line of the side. We imagine that the soft top will continue more or less faithful forms of the metal roof of the coupe.

The Infiniti Q60 Cabrio should come up with a range mechanically similar to the Coupe. Are three mechanical gasoline available, a 2.0 turbo with 208 horsepower and two twin-turbo V6 with 300 and 400 horsepower of power. In its part-cycle does not lack anything as a suspension system adaptive Dynamic Digital Suspension, or an evolved system of management also adaptive.

In terms of equipment, the Infiniti Q60 Coupe, and therefore the future Q60 Cabrio, includes a advanced a multimedia system composed by two screens, similar to the Q50, but based on a new evolution that improves its speed and response to commands of the user.

Source – X-Tomi

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Infiniti Q60

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