Infiniti Q60 Project Black S: the Q60 more brutal and sporty, with a technology of F1


Very sporty and aggressive.

Infiniti, the division’s premium Renault-Nissan Alliance, will present at the Geneva motor show this spectacular study on the Q60. Under the name Infiniti Q60 Project Black S we found a spectacular conceptual model that seeks to reflect the possibility of a new range of sports within the japanese brand.

This project is the fruit of the collaboration between Infiniti and the team of Formula 1 is Positioned, and tries to investigate the application of the technology of energy recovery used by the team F1 French in a street sports car.

This has a system of hybrid drive designed specifically for road use that greatly improves the performance of the model. The brand has not revealed any data or specifications in this regard, so we will have to wait for his presentation at the salon swiss to get to know all its details. Just have been limited to confirm that the model features a hybrid drive system that has a energy recovery system ERS, derived from that used Renault Sport in F1. This is intended to increase the power and torque, and the result is instant acceleration with no delay.


The rear is massive, reminds me of the GT-R.

For the moment, we can see the complete the spectacular exterior of the concept, which receives a impressive aerodynamic kit that completely transforms the bourgeois original model. In the front area so we just recognize the grille and the optical group, since the bumper is original disappears to make way for a new item to be plagued with aggressive air intakes.

The steps of wheel is oversized and the muscular silhouette leads up to a rear fully anabolizada, which culminates with a huge leaks central flanked by worked diffusers, rear, and in the upper zone, an original rear spoiler, which opens towards the ends forming a double flat.

“Infiniti is the manufacturer of high-end car of the Alliance
Renault-Nissan, and a technical partner of the team of Formula 1 Renault
Sport, so it is natural that we gather to explore the
possibility of the innovative hybrid technology of high
performance to our clients
. Infiniti has constantly followed the
way to make available new, innovative technology of mechanical,
and we’re very excited by the potential of the Project Black S.”

official statements of Roland Krueger, president of INFINITI.