Infiniti Q60: the first car from the united States who comes to Cuba in 58 years

Cuba has been
numerous reasons the object of admiration by many followers of the world’s
car due to which the island nation has been defined in recent years
as a “living museum” of the history of the sector along the roads of the
Havana and other cities circulate authentic relics on wheels that seem to
freshly taken out of the dealership. After the “thawing” of relations between
United states and Cuba, the car industry (like many others) has
seen on the island a few possibilities of incredible business.

Infiniti Q60

The first Infiniti Q60 registered in Cuba already flowing through their roads.

Proof of this is that after the start of the long world of the Audi Q2, the brand with the four rings took to Cuba a unit of its recently launched SUV to show the world the contrast between the cars circulating along the roads of the island and a modern vehicle of new development. The photographs, as well published in their day, are incredible, and show how you “stopped” the time for the car industry in Cuba.

Now, is Alfonso Albaisa, Executive Design Director of Infiniti, which has gone a step further and has led to Cuba in the first car “american” in 58 years. It has taken more than half a century of history for a car of united States land in the country. And although there is nothing affordable because it is an Infiniti Q60 is a step more for the premium brand of Nissan take a position facing the opening of the cuban market.

Albaisa has stated that he had never been in the country one day their parents (and other members of their families) they called home. For him, the goal of the initiative is to bring to the island a unit of the Infiniti Q60 is to be able to get around the controls of this sports while searching and digging into their family roots during a four-day trip. However, and in connection with the previous point, it is clear that there is a background business behind all of this.

Infiniti Q60

So is the contrast of the new Infiniti Q60 in the caribbean island.

at The end of this tour, the Q60 led by Alfonso Albaisa will be shown in a private art gallery that will gather more than 150 designers, architects, and cuban artists. There will also be a small group of students who have shown their interest in the world of automotive.

Infiniti Q60 that is located in Cuba is powered by V6 engine 3.0-litre turbocharged that yields a power of 400 HP and 475 Nm maximum torque associated with a gearbox seven-speed automatic and a system of rear-wheel drive. Thanks to this mechanics, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds.

The Infiniti Q60 Alfonso Albaisa comes to Cuba.