Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration concept, anticipating the next SUVS from the brand

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration conceptInfiniti has just released a teaser of its latest prototype, the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration. This concept car will be presented in the Lounge of Beijing when it opens its doors to the press the next day, April 25. The Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration anticipates the lines of what the japanese brand will offer in its range of SUV, adopting the latest in terms of design language, with a more modern appearance and aggressive.

The Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration is the prototype of one of the SUV’s from Infiniti, but is not yet very clear to what model will replace the production version, which may be derived from the concept. The Infiniti QX50 is the crossover’s oldest brand, dating back to 2007, although the Infiniti QX70 is also a model that needs a replacement, since it was put on the market in the year 2008. What seems clear is that the next SUV of the brand will follow the lines of this prototype.

Prueba Infiniti QX70 S 3.0d

Infiniti QX70

Of the few details that are seen in the teaser posted by the Infiniti, we see how the QX Sport Inspiration features a large grill in the front of the emerge LED headlights. Notable for having a body well-muscled, full of forms. Some details that we can see are the mirrors mirrors that have been replaced by cameras or the wheel arches protected by molding plastic that will give a look more offroad to this prototype, which will surely be footwear with a few rims of alloy of exaggerated dimensions.

Source – Infiniti

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