Infiniti QX30 2016: the 5 keys crossover premium that wants to conquer Europe

If you thought that with the arrival of the new Infiniti Q30, with a line crossover, and even a version with suspensions elevated, the luxury brand of japanese sucumbiría to the temptation of launching a new crossover derived from your new compact, you thought wrong. The Infiniti QX30 2016 is already here, full of style, with suspensions even higher, reinforcements in low, wheel arches and fenders. And with all the ballots to become a best-seller in Spain, and in Europe. Did you get it? How do you differentiate it from the Infiniti Q30? I have here the 5 keys of the new crossover of Infiniti, the Infiniti QX30.

Its appearance is that of a Infiniti Q30 with roof bars, protections, chrome fenders, and black plastic on the lower floor and wheel arches.

1. The aesthetic is everything. A lot of people don’t buy a crossover because I want a SUV, or a sort of off-road versatile for the day-to-day, but because it seems like a SUV. That is the reason why they are so interesting, the details that has been applied to Infiniti to this model, such as the protections of chrome on the fenders, or the strip of black plastic that covers the low and the wheel arches.

it is Also important to look at the roof bars. And at the height of the car body and the suspensions. In any case you will see that, except for these details, the Infiniti Q30 and the QX30 are practically two drops of water.


Infiniti QX30 will also be built in Sunderland, Uk.

2. Reusing, which is in the process of. The philosophy of Infiniti, as you may have imagined, it went through reuse, to the extent possible, all those elements that were amenable to this from the Infiniti Q30. And is a strategy that is very respectable and with sense. The Infiniti QX30 will be built next to the Q30 in the factory in Sunderland, in the Uk, which would already have received the necessary expansion to accommodate, not only the flurry of bookings as they wait for the Q30, but also sufficient to meet the demand of this QX30.


3. Lifting the body. Although asphalt remains the natural habitat of this Infiniti QX30, suspensions of brother crossover Q30 have been elevated slightly. Very slightly. To do this you must take into account that, with roof bars included, the QX30 enjoys a height of 1.53 meters. That are only 4 inches more than 1,49 metres from the Infiniti Q30 in the Premium version.


On board is exactly like the Infiniti Q30.

4. Reused the passenger compartment of the Infiniti Q30. On-board were not required too many changes. Infiniti ensures that have tried to enhance the driving position high, but the design of the dashboard, and the dashboard, the entertainment team, and the rest of the panels of this QX30 is exactly the same as that already seen in the Infiniti Q30.


5. New tune-and all-wheel drive. Infiniti ensures that have worked especially making his point, its chassis, in order to achieve a greater comfort in the land broken, and never forgetting that their customers will continue to demand a high quality of ride, comfort on the road and, above all, dynamism. According to Infiniti, have sought a greater firmness to the control of the roll, but also a greater softness of the cushioning.

Infiniti QX30 sale – of – series with four-wheel drive, with a center differential driven by an electronic control to distribute up to 50% of the power on the train back. Also offers series a shift dual-clutch seven relationships. The range of engines has yet to materialize, but the impression we get is that Infiniti looks for a positioning of this model on the high end of the Q30. Why could dispense with engines little more powerful, and as we have already seen, of version of two-wheel drive.


Infiniti QX30 will arrive at dealers european, to join his brother, the Infiniti Q30, to mid-2016.

Source: Infiniti
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