Infiniti QX30, the Q30 with four more inches is already official

Infiniti wants to rob a market that is very complicated in Europe, the compact. A company that seems difficult, but it is supported on firm foundations. The next step, this one more mundane, is to create a wider range. This is why there is now the Infiniti QX30, which has just been made official in the Hall of the Angels.


Few exterior changes, but more free height with respect to the ground

The truth is that we were already expecting that it be made official. Since the emergence of the Infiniti Q30, based clearly on the Mercedes A-Class, it became clear that the japanese brand would take advantage of the greater amount of elements in German are possible, and therefore we now see, completely uncovered, his SUV smallest of all.

The differences between the Infiniti Q30 and the QX30 are quite rare. In terms of aesthetic details, look at the ceiling, where they come out to the light a few rails, chrome trim, and low, where you note the difference of height, which is not as much as one would expect, since are hardly four centimeters that separate the two models.

In the interior we find the same arrangement of elements, and the same level of finishes. Surfaces well finished off, and a lot of technology German is hidden in the interior. Yes, in certain areas, it recognizes the touch japanese, as in the screen of the dashboard, and in the upper design of this.

In the (mechanical not expect big news, except that all versions of the QX30 will arrive on the market with awd as an element of the set. This allows us to imagine, that the SUV will come associated with engines of higher range of the Q30. In terms of transmissions, the basics will be found with a manual change of six speeds, although the option to incorporate an automatic change of seven double-clutch will always be possible.


Infiniti will have several aesthetic finishes and equipment levels

By the time this is all that is known about the Infiniti QX30. Its official launch will not be until early next year. It should be remembered that the normal version will not reach the dealerships until the beginning of the month of January, so that the SUV should I take on getting a few more months. Both will be manufactured in England, in the new plant of the Infiniti.