Infiniti QX30: you’ll see it in showrooms next year

Behold the Infiniti QX30 Concept . Slightly simplified lines, forget that fits rims 21 “, your mind forgets the nickname Concept and imagine this car will be rolling through the streets of your city next year. Right. The Infiniti QX30 will arrive in showrooms in 2016 and will do so with an image that most likely just change on this prototype. An aggressive move by Infiniti, which will soon launch its compact, the Infiniti Q30 . A movement aggressive, but really interesting.

Infiniti has planned a really aggressive product strategy, focusing mainly to its growth in Europe and China, in search of a younger clientele.

Infiniti pursues the idea of ​​increasing the spectrum of customers covering its current range. Infiniti wants to rejuvenate its customers . They know that soon Generations X and Y, those born from the 70s and 80s, represent the bulk of buyers. The aim of Infiniti QX30 will be, to meet the needs of a younger clientele and in turn grow under current trends, particularly in Europe and China.



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