Infiniti QX60 2016, renewal at the Detroit motor show for this SUV american


The Infiniti QX60 released as a small update, which focuses primarily on an exterior more modern and equipment expanded. Will be officially presented at the Detroit motor show 2016, in January, next to the sedan Infiniti Q50 2016. This SUV five metres in length is an unknown in Spain, since here is not available for: Infiniti focuses, for the time being, the QX30, QX50 and QX70.

Infiniti QX60 had the honor of being the first model of the brand manufactured in the united States, and had been on sale since 2013: this restyling will give him new energies towards the second half of its commercial life. The changes in your design are not too deep, in any case, highlighting her front as more news thanks to its grill, its optical bixenon with LED daytime running lights and integrated their LED fog lights, with chrome trim.


On the inside the changes are even more subtle, with higher quality materials and soft plastics, and soft to the touch, along with a greater isolation. The equipment also expanded, and now the Q60 2016 will have automatic climate control three areas, along with new electronic aids to driving as a collision detector and pedestrians, a view camera 360 degrees for parking or braking automatic emergency.

finally, the SUV gets new tweaks to its suspension and steering, looking for a better response and comfort. The range mechanics Infiniti Q60 2016 maintains two engines. Both options are offered with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive: a 3.5 V6 265 HP, or a hybrid, composed by a four-cylinder turbo 2.5-liter coupled to an electric motor, which delivers 250 HP. The model will be on sale in the united States in the next few weeks.