Infiniti VC-T: this is the first engine of the compression ratio of the variable that will arrive in 2018

so What a surprise from Infiniti for the Paris motor show! The signature premium japanese has announced the debut of the first engine of the compression ratio of the variable with date of arrival to market to 2018. It is one of the most promising technologies in the industry to deliver further improvements in efficiency and performance. The promise of Infiniti with the engine VC-T is to provide consumption of a diesel engine, but with the performance of a petrol engine of a large displacement.


The engine 2.0 VC-T of Infiniti will be the first of its kind and will arrive in 2018 to replace the 3.5 V6

Infiniti has been working on the concept of displacement and compression ratio variable from the year 1998, and although throughout these years, there have been several advances shown, never talked about the possibility of bringing to production the idea. In the same way, other manufacturers like Honda, Saab or Peugeot-Citro├źn in their time they worked the same way with this idea, but neither gave the final leap into production in series.

But now, on the eve of the exhibition in paris, Infiniti has revealed the first details of the first engine of the compression ratio of the variable that will reach production. His name is VC-T, and it is a four-cylinder engine with 2 liter displacement, direct fuel injection and supercharged by a single turbocharger. This engine will replace the 3.5 V6, which employs Infiniti and that it is shared with Nissan. The figures of the 2.0 VC-T speak of a power of 270 HP and a maximum torque of 310 Nm.


Are we facing the greatest revolution in downsizing view up to the moment?

The system developed by Infiniti modify the path of the piston in its reciprocating motion, this is achieved by varying the displacement of each piston and the compression ratio. Infiniti ensures that the engine VC-T is able to work with compression ratios from 8:1 to 14:1. The system is controlled completely automatically depending on the load of the propeller, making the whole process transparent to the driver. Although Infiniti does not clarify the times and transitions between the multiple displacements supported, it is assumed that the system is able to run times nearly instantaneous to respond to any requirement.

This engine has compression ratio of the variable promises in addition to an efficiency that is unique in its class, fixed according to Infiniti in consumption similar to that of an engine turbo of same displacement. In addition, thanks to the use of different compression ratios, you also get a performance and sound characteristic of a mechanical V6 petrol which will replace from 2018.

Source: Infiniti