Infographic: the Porsche Macan is already the best-selling model in Porsche

last week made public the results of Porsche in the last fiscal year, results revealed that Porsche has scored a new record in its fifth year of consecutive growth. A year in which Porsche has increased their profits by 25%. A year in which there have been sold nearly 225,000 Porsche, a 19% increase over the previous year. And a year that, without doubt, the Porsche Macan has been a great player. Without going more far, the Porsche Macan is already the best-selling model of Porsche, having overcome in 2015 to 80,000 units, which without any doubt, this is a spectacular figure for a model like this, beating the Porsche Cayenne, which sold 73.119 units.

The fact: 68% of the global sales of Porsche correspond with SUV, Macan or Cayenne.

In the infographic above already we see that the model more youthful of the range Porsche has already been located as the most sold, and it does not appear that in the short or medium term any other model go to snatch that position.

the figures for The last fiscal year reveal, in addition, which with more reason that we can never recognize that Porsche has ceased to be a manufacturer of sports, to become a manufacturer of SUV. Of every three cars manufactured by Porsche two are SUVS. In any case we do not believe, nor much less, that is a fact that should lead us to regret, or indignation. Thanks to the success of models such as the Macan or Cayenne, we know that Porsche will continue making some of the best sports in the market for a long time.

porsche-macan-infografia-03Porsche has not only increased their profits significantly, but has also increased its workforce by 9%, and even more that will increase in the coming years, according to the expansions planned for its facilities in Zuffenhausen. 24.481 working for Porsche across the world, and very probably will receive a juicy bonus, as is tradition in the brand, by the good results.

porsche-macan-infografia-01Porsche has increased its sales in all markets in which it is present. it is Worth noting the growth of 24% in two markets in which the Porsche Macan has broken with a lot of force, China and Europe. In Germany has grown by 21%. And in Spain, the growth has even been more bulky, of a 28.5 per cent with regard to 2014. In 2015 were sold in Spain, 867 units of the Porsche Macan, a spectacular figure, and higher than that of cars like the Volkswagen Touareg, Volvo XC90, Mitsubishi Montero, Mercedes ML (in reality, with 868 units empataría technically), or the Lexus RX, that even though they are not direct rivals are themselves important role models in their respective categories.

porsche-macan-infografia-04Europe has already ceased to be the most important market for Porsche. In fact, the market in that more units are sold is that of the Asia-Pacific region. China is the individual market more powerful, and shut down 2015 with a total of 58.009 units. The united states remains extremely important, and in a second position arrived at 51.756 units. At home, in Germany, their numbers remain spectacular for the size of the market, and closed out 2015 with 28.953 units.

In Spain was closed 2015 with 2.075 units, a figure which again is not trivial for a manufacturer of luxury and sporting as a Porsche.

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