Initiated in Spain the marketing of the new MINI Cabrio

The new MINI Cabrio already came to Spain. It is offered in all cases with turbo engines with powers between 102 and 231 HP, manual or automatic exchange in both cases of six gears.

MINI-Cooper-Convertible-2016-2MINI started in Spain the marketing of the cabrio of the new generation. It is a proposal that lands in the Spanish market at the right time of the year and that becomes an alternative to consider within a segment not noted for an offer that was too wide.

In aesthetic terms, the convertible version has all the news that we already know of the model with hardtop and like in the previous generation uses a soft-top with electric drive, and can be opened or closed through a push-button, while the velocity of circulation does not exceed 50 km/h. The offer mechanical alternatives to gasoline or diesel, with powers ranging between 102 and 231 HP.

Thanks to the larger dimensions, this new generation MINI Cabrio you can locate four occupants in their four-seater certified. The cargo space spend a little in comparison to the conventional model, due to the location of the hood, with a volume that ranges between 160 litres with the roof open and the 215 liters with the roof closed.

MINI-Cooper-Convertible-2016-4The equipment of series is very complete, looking at climate control system in automatic or manual air conditioning, steering wheel coated in leather, infotainment system equipped with touch screen, electric windows front and rear, central locking with remote control, a system of starter button etc

The offer mechanical contemplates turbo engines across the range, which starts with the versions petrol 1.2-litre and 102 HP, 1.5 turbo, 136 HP, 2.0 turbo versions of 192 and 231 HP, in addition to alternatives diesel on the basis of an engine of 1.5-liter 116 HP and 2.0-liter 70 HP. All engines are associated to a manual change of six marches or automatic with the same number of relations, with the exception of the version of input One, that can only be associated with the manual gearbox and the diesel, more powerful than just using the automatic change.

The recommended prices for Spain are the following:

  • MINI One Cabrio 1.2 102 HP 22.700 €
  • MINI Cooper Cabrio 1.5 136 HP 25.200 €
  • MINI Cooper Cabrio 1.5 136 HP AT 26.950 €
  • MINI Cooper D Cabrio 1.5 116 HP 26.950 €
  • MINI Cooper D Cabrio 1.5 116 HP AT 28.700 €
  • MINI Cooper S Cabrio 2.0 192 HP 31.350 €
  • MINI Cooper S Cabrio 2.0 192 HP AT 33.100 €
  • MINI Cooper SD Cabrio 2.0 170 HP AT 34.250 €
  • MINI JCW Cabrio 2.0 231 HP 36.550 €
  • MINI JCW Cabrio 2.0 231 HP AT 38.500 €