Injection of extremism: the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar are put in the 367 HP, while the Audi S4 trembles

Polestar is the AMG of Volvo, the Motorsport GmBh Swedish. Since its acquisition of the entire Volvo has been gradually improving models of the Swedish brand, and we have already known its two production models: the sports S60 Polestar and V60 Polestar. Blue, with a train sports suspension and a modified motor, they are the most powerful of the range Volvo in these times. For 2016, the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar have been renewed, and have gained in extremism with a new tune and other goodies to the hungry of power.

The Volvo V60 and S60 Polestar 2016 become more powerful, less exclusive

The annual production of the Volvo S6 and V60 Polestar has increased, up to 1500 units for the year 2016.

The first novelty is that the power of your turbocharged engine six-cylinder in-line has increased. This engine of 3.0 liters, has grown from 345 HP initial up to a respectable 367 HP, accompanied by a maximum torque of 470 Nm. The Audi RS3 have a power identical, and anticipates by a few horses to the Audi S4. Interestingly, it has the same power that the Mercedes-AMG C 43, also equipped with a turbocharged engine six-cylinder. The Swedish is without doubt the more exotic option of this niche market.

volvo-v60-s60-polestar-2016-19With a traction drive system, total BorgWarner and an automatic gearbox of eight relations tuning by Polestar, make the 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds, with a peak of 250 km/h. The figures are identical to those of the Audi S4, benchmark prestacional and dynamic of these Volvo S60 and V60. In this update, Volvo has also worked in lightening your pair of athletes. Is 24 kg lighter on the front, and 20 kg lighter in the rear end, improving weight distribution and thinning a total of 44 kilos. Awesome!

volvo-v60-s60-polestar-2016-34The final note is the news that Volvo will sell this pair in 47 markets, compared to 13 previous. Presumably, you will come to our borders.

Source: Volvo
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