Inscription Volvo S60, long wheelbase manufactured in China to US

volvo s60 inscription 1 Volvo S60 Inscription, con batalla larga fabricado en China para Estados Unidos Volvo will give a breakthrough in the automotive industry with the Volvo S60 and no, it’s not about the Cross Country version. The Swedish brand will be the first western company to sell in the West, and particularly in the United States, a car manufactured in China. Virtually all manufacturers have factories in China, where models for the Chinese domestic market as a matter of tariffs and government regulations are assembled.

The Inscription Volvo S60 going to set a precedent. This is the long wheelbase version Volvo S60. A model originally devised to China and is manufactured exclusively in Chengdu, China, from where it will be exported to the United States. In China saloons start battle are very common, whereas in Europe or North America is something that used to be available only in the F segment, where the most luxurious cars.

volvo s60 inscription 2 Volvo S60 Inscription, con batalla larga fabricado en China para Estados Unidos The debut of this model takes place at the North American International Auto Show and after its launch in the second quarter will be the model in its segment with more space in the rear seats. They’re 8 centimeters of extra space that end exclusively to the rear.

Volvo ensures that build quality This Volvo S60 is Inscription identical to that of any other Volvo S60 manufactured in Sweden since both plants are governed by the same processes construction and quality standards. In terms of equipment Inscription S60 have the same opportunities as the rest of the range.

volvo-s60-inscription (3) As for engines, will be available in the US with T5 petrol engine with front or all-wheel drive and automatic gearbox eight-speed. In China it is offered with turbocharged petrol engines and a hybrid S60L is also marketed with gasoline engine and electric. It is marketed in the finishes Premier and Platinum and since the series will feature leather upholstery, sunroof and navigation system Sensus.

The most interesting marketing Inscription Volvo S60 is that it can derive a chain reaction and make other manufacturers like Mercedes or BMW draw their respective long-wheelbase versions of China, in order to find a new niche.

Source – Volvo

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