Install the monstrous V8 HEMI 707 hp Hellcat on a 1968 Dodge Charger is a great idea [video]

Occasionally we find authentic genius on the Internet. One of the most interesting I’ve seen lately is this madness swap. But let’s get some background. Roadkill is an online series on motor by Motor Trend and sponsored by Dodge. Among other niceties, they have given us one of the burnouts Yankees history. His latest craze is a Dodge Charger 1968 they rescued from a junkyard, which have now installed a propellant HEMI V8 Hellcat … 707 CV .

The name that have been awarded to his old Charger is “Gene

Apparently, Dodge Charger would scrap a Hellcat – for reasons we do not know – and the guys from Roadkill decided to use all possible components. The engine went straight to the bay of the old Charger, which until then rode a gigantic big-block V8 taken from an old camper. Next to the engine, eight relations automatic transmission and all electronics Hellcat . They have even mounted inside the old rickety instrumentation Charger TFT and his wheel.

The result of the swap is really crazy to the point of reaching Gas Monkey Garage challenge in a duel of drag racing on a track in a makeshift parking … they left them broadcast by television rights. The plan of the guys from Roadkill is make several roadtrips with this beast – that can pass without problem the ITV Americans, the data eye – and even return to school to attend a rally . I urge you to spend 20 minutes to see the fantastic video that the guys have prepared Roadkill.

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