Intel Inside, they also want to have your autonomous car

Intel InsideSince computers stopped being a product for people with the popularity of Intel Inside shot as the foam. This company is responsible for the design and manufacture of microprocessors that will be after thousands of millions of computers. However, not only is centered on the design of this type of components for computing and now they want to make the leap to another type of business, more succulent.

As we have already mentioned the other times here, the driving autonomous is more of a reality palpalbe short-term than in the distant future. Therefore manufacturers need the necessary technology for their cars to be autonomous as quickly as possible. There is where you want to go Intel Inside and to fight your to your with providers of artificial intelligence as important as they are now Samsung or Indra in the Spanish case.

prototipo BMW i8 spyderThe idea of Intel Inside is the following: if the vast majority of the computers in the world carry their processors by what autonomous cars, which also need a brain to guide them, can’t carry a microprocessor yours. So there is where you want to get a full the american company and to do this they’re going to start an investment program of 230 million euros.

With this program over the collaboration of BMW and MobilE apps expect to be able to launch their first autonomous car by hundred per cent in the year 2o21. To this end they have created several start ups that are already working on technologies related to autonomous cars. In addition, they are carrying out the purchase of companies like Logitech to improve the technology are played out.

To all this must be added the ambition that it has to NVidia as competing more directly. This firm competes directly in the same market niches, however, in regard to driving autonomous overtook him. NVidia is the one who has developed the system Drive PX, which mounts a Tesla in your Autopilot. in Addition, it takes several years working with the giant chinese internet Baidu to create an autonomous platform.

Source – Intel Inside