Intellisafe, the guardian of the safety of the Volvo S90


The urban jungle will be safer thanks to Intellisafe Volvo

Yesterday we had the opportunity to finally meet the Volvo S90. This berlina is the return of the Swedish brand to a segment that I had forgotten since more than 10 years ago. However the return has not been more triumphant, thanks in part to its innovative design and its technology of last generation, as it is the system Intellisafe.

Generation to generation, novelty to novelty, Volvo builds up systems of active and passive safety in their cars. Have come to such a point with the intention of fulfilling their goal of zero fatalities in a Volvo by the year 2020. A process that involves a lot of technology, the same that we see on the S90.

The brand has called Intellisafe, and in reality it is a compendium of all the systems that we already knew above. Many of them presented in the Volvo XC90. The usual support teams, such as the monitoring of dead angle, the warning device traffic-rear, active cruise control and warning of collision, among others, to this is added a number of new features that leave you with mouth open.


Cameras and sensors will be employed to safeguard the security of the occupants

  • Run-off-Road Mitigation: This device controls at all times the lines of the road, whether it is day or night, and always in a range between 65 and 140 Km/h. In case of detecting an output of the pathway, the car will take the control returning to the lane coming to stop if it is necessary, thus preventing a serious accident.
  • Run-off Road Protection: If we come to a point in which the previous device is unable to save the situation, that is when enters into operation, the Run-off Road Protection, premiered in the XC90. This avoids that in case of out of the way of the occupants getting hurt, tightening the belts and absorbing him the greater part of the inertia of the impact.
  • Driving semi-autonomous: it Is the future, who would doubt. Driving autonomous is intended to guide us in the interests of greater security, and little by little you see solutions such as the Volvo. Which allow an intermediate degree of pilot control and other self-contained control. In the case of the S90 makes it through the adaptive cruise control, which is able to handle the pedals and the steering by itself to 130 Km/h with a completely new interface.


driving autonomous partial will travel long distances without concerns

  • City Safety: Developed at the facility of AstaZero, the particular city of Volvo, City Safety is based on a large team of cameras and sensors that are able to control it all from 4 Km/h. It is able to detect pedestrians, obstacles, cars, cross traffic, traffic in intersections, and even cyclists. The car will warn, will slow and even come to a standstill if necessary. All without the driver comes into play.
  • Large Animal Detection: it Is an improvement of the City Safety. On secondary roads one of the biggest dangers that we face are collisions with animals. To avoid this the same team of cameras and sensors above, is responsible for monitoring the gutters, watching the animals and alerting the driver of their presence. In the event that this occurs the car will help the braking or once again will reduce the speed by itself.
  • Swedish steel: The majority component of the S9, and the rest of the car, is the steel. But there are many types of steel in the S90. Each employee with head to be able to absorb more or less inertia in case of impact. The result set is one of the structures most difficult industry, thanks to nothing more and nothing less than five different types of steel.


Each color represents a steel different, except for the green that is aluminum