Interesting Facts about the new Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage

With all the features and functionality of a 4 × 4 New Kia Sportage will provide a unique driving and especially exciting experience, allowing us to explore all types of terrain, be it in the middle of Mother Nature or surrounded by the impressive buildings in the city, you will know a little better?

The renowned South Korean carmaker has decided to bring his beloved SUV small size and suitable for all types of terrain, but many irregularities of this, a complete bathroom renovation to improve their predecessor and make this experience a truly exciting adventure for the driver.

An impressive and formidable presence on the road, maximum security and total dominance on the road are some of the characteristics of a SUV claims that this new car, which is now adjusted a new design DNA, under the direction of new head Design Peter Schreyer . Now, in matters of design, new Kia Sportage are much slimmer and lighter than previous models.

This unique vehicle will be available on the market later this year with a only provide two petrol engines and two diesel and other power ranges from 115 to 161 hp. As for vehicle safety , another of its strengths, we highlight the new system roll sensors (Roll sensor), where the side and curtain airbags and pretensioners are activated seat belt. In the latter we must add their own control braking on downgrades (DBC), assist control (HAC) or the revolutionary ESS system flashes the brake lights in all emergencies.

For security your vehicle incorporates a security camera rearview mirror image of what is happening in our environment to an LCD display with the interior rearview mirror.

Kia Sportage seguridad

This exclusive new KIA will be offered in a total of 10 different colors on the outside and inside of the black color, upholstered in fabric or partially or fully leather. In Benefits of Technology includes Xenon HID headlights, LED daytime running lights, engine start button, integrated satellite navigation systems or automatic glass roof.

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