Investigation against Audi for a new trick of approval


Gearbox S tronic seven-speed

The scandal of the emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) has touched the reputation of Audi, especially in the united States, and always talking about diesel engines. The parent company, Volkswagen, also made other trapdoors to lower the consumption approved of the petrol models, although the actual number was very small (less than 100,000) and a couple of tenths. But there is more.

few months Ago, the California Air Resource Board (CARB) detected in a test that some models of Audi changed the behavior of your automatic change in bank of rollers, depending on whether the steering wheel is moved or not. With the wheel stopped, the change kept the engine, lower the revolutions to which consumption approved is less.

This is a “defeat device” by the book

Technicalities apart, is a programming intended to deceive the homologador and advertised consumption figures lower. This means owners spending on fuel unexpected, since the approval of the american is pretty realistic and a lot of people are wary of what you put in the sticker, that is to say, the label of energy efficiency that all new car wears.


In the united States does not take a joke these things. By a difference of only one or two miles per gallon, which are tenths of a liter, Hyundai and Ford have had to pay fines in the millions and economic compensations to those affected in order to alleviate the difference of consumption. And not always this discrepancy is due to the bad faith of the manufacturer, has also been due to procedural errors.

The EPA will continue the work of the CARB, at the national level

according to the German publication Bild am Sonntag, the suspect is the box AT 551 source ZF, eight-speed transmission. This transmission can be found in models such as the Audi Q5, the A6 or the A8. Are also affected models with the S tronic seven-speed, DL 501. Volkswagen admitted yesterday sibilinamente manipulation in a press release via email. The journalists of this medium have not clarified how you have learned, it might be a font used in the condition of maintaining his anonymity.

for practical purposes, models with this transmission saves fuel whenever you go in a straight line a time, as would happen in a bank of rollers. In contrast, with a twist of the steering wheel more than 15 degrees, the shifting strategy is less conservative and is delayed by the insertion of long marches. it makes No sense that the automatic change to distinguish between a straight line and rotation in actual driving.


By the looks of it, Audi stopped using that trick when he was aware that the homologadores had been realized. This gearbox is used in many gasoline models, so that we do not speak of Dieselgate. In addition, this programming trickery would have nothing to do with the TDI engines, they are different components.

If the investigation concludes that Audi sought to deliberately offer lower intakes than they should be, you will have problems with the american justice. Correct, will have more problems, because there are already lawsuits for violation of environmental law, fraud and misleading advertising. Can be ordered to pay a lot of money among all those affected.

The automatic gearboxes always try to use the marches long as possible, to reduce the consumption of the engines, until here, all normal. If you use gears that are too long, the response to the throttle will be more awkward, and will need to downshift to achieve agility. Put another way, you can be somewhat counter-productive.


This would not be the first time hunting the engineers at the Volkswagen Group playing on the cutting edge of the blade to reduce emissions. As we speak of a decrease in the consumption of fuel homologated, there is a direct relationship with the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). There may be cars affected in Europe.

In the United States, manufacturers must increase the efficiency of their ranges, according to the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE). In the system there is not evaluated the efficiency in liters per 100 km, but in miles per gallon (mpg). It is a measure in reverse, the higher it is, the more efficient a car is. Audi would be pursued to increase the mpg on several models to get a better position in the CAFE.

For the moment the details are very scarce, but Audi is a manufacturer that is being looked at with a magnifying glass from 2015, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) became aware of the deception of the diesel. Now we could talk about another hoax in the automatic gearboxes. What will come after?