Iran opens to the world, what affects us?


The Renault Tondar 90 is the equivalent of the Dacia Logan first generation

Iran takes to be a country uncomfortable for the western countries since the 1979 revolution, and came to its climax when the persians began their program of nuclear research. They came to take seriously the threat that they could develop a device with military applications, for which sanctions applied, and embargoes. This situation has already been left behind.

right Now Iran is a country more friendly, which is essential to fight against the E. I. (the self-styled Islamic State), which has a great economic potential to remove the padlocks. The effects will be felt in many countries, also in our

open up business opportunities and will maintain the situation of low prices for the fuel

from 29 February to 3 march will be held in Tehran the III International Conference of the Automotive Industry (IAIIC). In this event we will know much better how it’s going to be the situation of the automotive industry in iran, which is the second most important (10% of GDP after the petrochemical.

Let’s look at the three major consequences that will result in the return of Iran to the playing field car:


Refinery “La Rabida” in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva)

More cheap oil

While OPEC and the united States have been fighting for the prices of the crude, the barrel has been falling and falling since the end of 2014. Today, for example, has reached a trading intraday not seen since 2003. You have already broken the support of $ 30, and may continue to fall.

According to Mariano March, an expert in the petrochemical industry, the price of the barrel already considered for granted the return of Iran to the pumping barrels. Now, in a saturated market, in which left over more barrels that Spain consumes in a day, an increased supply as a minimum do that the low prices are maintained.

medium-term prices will recover gradually

The low prices are hurting the american industry of hydraulic break (fracking), and tar sands. They are also being harmed by the countries of the OPEC, who can’t reconcile their public accounts, a few for less than $ 100 a barrel, others for less than $ 50. OPEC would have to drastically reduce the offer to stimulate a price rise very necessary for them.


Refineries today in Spain (2010)

A new refinery for Spain

Iran is negotiating with the national industry to pick up another refinery in Spain. According to has revealed the Foreign minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, emplazaría in Algeciras (Cadiz). The optimal location geographically, to the gates of the Atlantic Ocean, and will come well in an area heavily affected by unemployment.

we Import 99.9% of the oil that we use

Spain is self-sufficient in the refining of gasoline, but the diesel is not refined at a sufficient rate and have to buy already prepared. For Spain it’s cheaper to import crude oil, processed products, since the added value stays in our economy. On the other hand, Iran needs to give more output to their raw.

The persians will contribute 50% of the required investment, and the rest will come from investors Spanish. The new refinery, when operational, will contribute to a slight reduction in the price of diesel, and improve the exports of products like gasoline already refined.


Resumption of exports of cars

Iran was a country partially closed to imports of vehicles from abroad to have a local industry self-sufficient. The manufacturers Peugeot and Renault have a strong presence and are best positioned for the awakening of the country. The growing middle class need for new cars, the average age of the park is very high: 20 to 25 years.

In the graph we can appreciate the growth potential of the country, braking on dry by sanctions. In 2011, he was the thirteenth world market more important. Although the local market is split Khodro and Sapia, there are joint-ventures with foreign manufacturers. If Renault and Peugeot to increase their business figures are good news for its divisions in spain.

¿Exported to Spain many cars to Iran? In a first stage will not be a significant volume, the majority of the national production is destined to the european market. Some models are manufactured exclusively in Spain, such as the Citroën C4 Cactus, and exports are most noticeable on our turnover if we sell more units globally.