Is a worthy substitute SEAT Mii SEAT Arosa? We tested it thoroughly and find out

The SEAT Mii is the smallest car in the current range of SEAT . This city, a small car segment A, the spiritual heir of Arosa, Marbella and 600 . A car with a predecessor to that should not detract. Following industry trends, it is bigger and heavier than all of them, but the smallest cars on the market. To find out if it is a worthy heir to our line of urban, we put a test over 2,000 km . A true test thoroughly, across whole Spain.

And the first on the forehead. The SEAT Mii is not a car that can be classified as “Spanish”. Put aside the ownership structure of SEAT : The SEAT Mii is manufactured in Slovakia, with the Volkswagen up! and Skoda Citigo . The three urban share platform and the only engine available in the range: a three-cylinder petrol without turbo. Are practically the simplest solution and affordable mobility – with four wheels, eye -. We can today purchase property and used freely

A car maybe too serious

The SEAT Mii is also available with three-door body, but five is much more practical.

I delivered the keys of SEAT Mii and I go to look at a corner of the ship where SEAT test are parked. The car is dark blue, and although the color does not help, unable to tear a smile. Despite her coquettish dimensions – 3.56 meters long in the five-door version tested – it’s a car that tries to be serious, even sober. The front is the riskiest part of its design, and just get tear a smile with a discrete angular grille and large headlights.


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His cousin, the Volkswagen up !, it is a passionate car, risking more in design. A city should be pintón, flashy, risky … and the Mii does not get excited . Yet I just getting used to its square shape and taillights If they arracarme a small smile. Perhaps not all is lost, but I remember the Arosa range – especially after its facelift – and can not help a little disappointed. One Sport Arosa even had a 100 hp version with a central exhaust!

A striking and practical interior … but only 4 seats

Take spare wheel, cookie, but the spare wheel after all.

I guess that is past, and SEAT then is not the same SEAT today, more serious, less passionate. I step inside and my perception changed positively. Although very compact form inside greets me with bright colors and dashboard finished in a garish color scheme, white and electric blue. Its instrumentation is small but clear and very good visibility, organized in three watches that I get all the basic information that I need in a city car.

seat-mii-prueba-motor-26-mdm The center console is small and only has a radio with CD MP3 , in our case without input USB or auxiliary. Under it, many hollow to make objects. The blue dashboard is also found in the beautiful shifter, on the edge of the seats and a flyer that can not regulate in depth , only in height. Although the space available to me as a driver is even broader, it is not in the rear. To the extent that SEAT has approved the Mii as a four-seater.

Folding down the rear seats we have a flat bottom and 951 liters of capacity.

A logical move ahead to the space available, but not the marketing side. They are not huge, but quite spacious given the small size of the car. Another detail that I do not understand is the inability to open the rear windows conventionally, I guess issues of packaging and / or cost, but can be overwhelming in summer or city. Where no complaints is a big trunk. Have a double bottom with which 251 liters of cargo capacity , a leading figure of the segment are achieved.


Good urban utility wanted to be

The SEAT tested Mii employs the most basic engine in the range, the three-cylinder 1.0-liter petrol . An engine without supercharging, which in its basic version delivers only 60 hp at 5,000 rpm. 95 Nm of torque is delivered to a usable system, between 3000 rpm and 4500 rpm. The gearbox is manual – five relationships – and as you imagine, has great features: does the 0-100 km / h 14.4 seconds em and a top speed of only 160 km / h. A good insurance so that you do not remove the card points.

Being so lightweight (weighs 940 kilos) moves really well in city traffic.

The good news is that its average fuel consumption is very low: homologous 4.5 l / 100 km average consumption . Such credentials do not seem very promising, but was pleasantly surprised. Torque delivery allows very smooth city driving, even agile. While we take it a little cheerful lap – a necessity with so little engine without turbo – its shortcomings will not come to light. The three-cylinder engine demonstrates its character and vibrates slightly, but not rough as other .


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dare I say it sounds relatively well and quite stretched. To the city SEAT Mii is a dream car. I prefer having excellent visibility. Seriously, almost forgotten what it was to see properly out of a car and could park safely and confidence. Its overhangs are very short in both cases, and with a size of 3.56 meters, every move is a breeze. Accustomed to move in a city scooter not sensed a loss of my agility on board this car.

Its consumption on a long journey is similar to urban, it not reduced.

Do not expect a great responsiveness of management or a firm suspension, it is a car that aims to be agile but where comfort is important. Here we could finish the race, citing has consumed about 5.5 l / 100 km in a real urban cycle . But we decided to go from Barcelona to Gijon – and return – to see how he defends himself on the open road. The shortcomings of a city come to light outside the city, but cars like the SEAT Mii have reduced greatly, almost canceled. Almost.

seat-mii-prueba-motor-41-mdm Regarding insulation, the Mii has surprised me, just some wind noise leaks into the interior, giving the feeling of being a car well insulated, with quality materials accompanying: no creaks when passing through areas bumpy or expansion joints. What really surprised me is that the engine aguantase cruise of 120 km / h-130 km / h without question , only giving some speed on the steepest slopes. With air conditioning and four people on board.

surprising that its 60 CV are sufficient to maintain averages of 120 km / h in comfort.

No doubt the fact that the motor runs at all times in your area aid of torque – 120 km / h are rotating at 3,500 rpm. take to reach 120 km / h, but is able to adequately sustain . But not all praise: the suspension is rebotona heavily loaded, the direction is in slight excess and the seats left me a considerable back pain after almost 850 km between Barcelona Natural Paradise. It is what happens on long trips with an urban, but a good one.


Equipment and prices SEAT Mii

The tested version of SEAT Mii Style corresponds to the finish, but takes a few extras. It is the basic version, which currently started for 8,540 euros (Plan PIVE and additional contribution of SEAT included). The basic equipment is quite correct in this version – not in the Reference – including air conditioning and a stereo with 6 speakers. For the 14-inch wheels or blue have to pay, like the double bottom for the trunk.

Answering the first question, is SEAT Mii a worthy substitute for Arosa? Yes and no. Yes that is all the good that can be a current urban – except for a fairly minimal equipment. Not because it lacks that openly teasing fun and carefree air that had the Arosa. It remains simple and practical, but may need this more relaxed and cheerful air of Arosa . Even SEAT it has created a Mii by Mango with chic air. Maybe it’s time to put the fun back in the segment A.

seat-mii-prueba-motor-34-mdm SEAT still has a chance, or rather two. A facelift for the SEAT Mii – between now and two years – and an engine 1.0 TSI three-cylinder 100 hp engine now mounts the Volkswagen up! in some markets.

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