Is already here the Gymkhana Nine of Ken Block onboard the Ford Focus RS RX

Gymkhana Nine Ken Blockwe proclaim also to You few days ago and now it has finally reached its premiere. The Gymkhana Nine: Raw Industrial Playground is already on Youtube for all the fans. As in the eight previous installments we will see Ken Block making mischief behind the wheel of one of their impressive vehicles. For this edition the chosen was the Ford Focus RS RX with which it competes in the Global Rallycross.

The popular american pilot came from a specular production in the desert of Dubai, where took place the Gymkhana 8. On this occasion, changed the sand and the dunes by the industrial city of Buffalo, New York. Throughout the video you will see some sites like a disused train station, some warehouses and even a drawbridge specially prepared for the occasion. Reserve the next 8 minutes and 10 seconds, and enjoy the video.

As you can see, the Ford Focus RS RX fulfils to perfection its role and becomes a machine burning wheel. Block spends a large percentage of the video shooting side, and it seems to help quite 600 HP and 895 Nm pair that has the vehicle. Although the results in the rally not to have accompanied him, there is no doubt that the pilot has a special ability for this type of maneuvers and leaves us with some epic times.

One of the highlights of the Gymkhana Nine will be when it jumps going fully crossed above a train track while it is approaching. Also does not leave anyone indifferent ‘donuts’ about a Ford Raptor while hanging from a helicopter. Another of the maneuvers that put the willies are the tops in the port area, in which you even get a wheel of the pavement, there is a certain risk of falling into the sea.

Source – Hoonigans

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