Is coming a new Hyundai i30 Turbo with more character than the previous

hyundai-i30-turbo-videoThe brand of south korea has recently presented the new generation of its compact model, the Hyundai i30. As we told you few days ago, the new i30 brings with it an updated design with more advanced technology with the hexagonal grille, the front headlights of LED with elongate shape and, in short, the aesthetic is more dynamic, which also gains strength the small rear spoiler.

the jump of The interior is also very remarkable, having modified the whole interior with a dashboard that was more fluid, a central screen from which you will manage the majority of vehicle systems and materials of better quality. The Hyundai i30 has been designed by and for Europe (where we also like the compact sporting), so that is about the designs of european brands, just as has happened with the other brand from the same manufacturer, Kia.

Well; range of mechanical the Hyundai i30 is presented with versions of gasoline and diesel. In petrol we have the well-known 1.4 MPI intake air and 100 horses, the 1.0 T-GDI with 120 horses and the new block 1.4 T-GDI that delivers 140 hp and 242 Nm. The versions of diesel turn to a block 1.6 turbo with outputs of 95, 110 and 136 horses. As you can see, no suggests a high-performance dynamic, although it appears that Hyundai may be keeping an ace under the sleeve.

The Youtube channel of the brand, in Korean, has launched a promotional video in which appears a Hyundai i30 sports that shown up recently, with a few aesthetic details that, while not radical, we teach a body slightly more aggressive. Among these details are included, these wheels are of large dimensions, dual output exhaust and details of the aerodynamic in the bumper, plus the inscription “1.6 T”. To make matters worse, the driver of the alleged compact sport is Hayden Paddon, pilot of the mark in the WRC. And no, no leads precisely slowly.

As a curiosity, part of the video has been shot in Spain, both by roads of our geography as in the mythical path of madrid’s Jarama. What we will soon see this Hyundai i30 Turbo on our roads?

Source – Pistonudos

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