Is Good tires and new suspension? What improvement makes a car faster? (Video)

The Mighty Car Mods guys have wondered the same thing. From an Toyota GT 86 series have attempted to elucidate what modification has more effect on the dynamics of the car, which makes it faster . The first car gets about new sports tires , a Bridgestone Potenza RE020 : the rest of the car is strict set. The second car receives set new sports coilovers . To make the comparison fair, he installed the cheapest new tires that can be found in Australia.

The tires are the part with greater effect in improving the dynamic drive.

For the comparison is fair, pilot Australian has been responsible for driving both cars under identical circumstances on the same circuit . A small plot of fans, where a Toyota GT 86 can make a return in less than 50 seconds. With the car equipped with stiffer and sports coilovers best lap time was 52.2 seconds. After this, comes a latter GT 86 with Bridgestone tires and other components as standard. Your time: 50.7 seconds


A second half is much difference in such a small circuit. Clearly, the tire is more effective than a new set of coilovers, plus more affordable prestacional improvement. But the guys from Mighty Car Mods have not been there, and have good tires installed on the vehicle fitted with coilovers. The result was another second least lap time. In addition, they say that in another episode better brakes to install new check their effect on a production car.

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