Is it a good idea to buy a Lexus RC 300h?

If you are looking for a coupe premium, as the BMW 4 Series or Mercedes C-Class Coupe, you’ll have seen that there is a new alternative, courtesy of Lexus, a Lexus RC 300h that provides us with a good image and a mechanical hybrid among many other virtues, as its good finish inside, but how much does the Lexus RC 300h?

don’t get carried away only by its aesthetics or comfort, her being a hybrid could “save” the days of maximum pollution in cities as Madrid:

Currently, Lexus provides us with a Lexus RC 300h with a price in offer 39.900 euros, a price that, among other discounts, including a promotion of € 2,000 for financing the purchase, with the financial proposal for the brand.

Without discounts or promotions, the Lexus RC 300h would have a price starting 45.900 euros, but, what provides us with this coupe?

The Lexus RC 300h has a distinguished aesthetic favored, in addition to by its status as a coupe, for being, at least for now, a “freak” on our roads. Attractive, with a porte muscular and the charm of the different states of a mechanical hybrid of 223 horses, delivered to the rear axle and to a comfortable driving, a high quality surface.

– do you Want an incentive to purchase more? The Lexus, given its status as a hybrid, it will have a tag ECHO, given its status as a hybrid not a plug in, that in the face of possible restrictions of movement in cities such as Madrid will be favorable.

therefore have the arguments and we have his price, but where do you put against the competition?

By 40.700 euros we have a BMW 420i of 184 horses and for 45,700 euro version, also gasoline, 252 horses, the BMW 430i.

If we go to Mercedes we were spotted by a 42,500 euros with a Mercedes C 200 Coupe of 184 horses and for 48,000 euros a Mercedes C 300 Coupe with 245 horses.

In the case of Audi, we must keep in mind that shortly, very shortly, is going to renew the Audi A5. If you liked the Audi A5 and in the light of this generational change, maybe you can press it into the dealership and opt for a stock model, bearing in mind that currently, Audi sells the Audi A5 finishing with the Advanced edition and the petrol engine of 177 horsepower per 40.030 euros or well the version of 230 horses, also gasoline, by 46.400 euros.