Is it a good idea to use the “trick” of manipulating the registration to avoid penalties? How much it will cost if you get caught?

Happened these days. The Provincial court of Malaga confirmed the conviction for a motorist who had had the bright idea, or so he had to think of him, of fix the license plate number of your motorcycle with black tape. Who has not ever tried to transform a zero in the notes of the college in an eight or a ten? To deceive a father is difficult, but even more to do with the police officers. The consequences of the former are as much a scolding, but tweaking the registration of your car is a crime, which can even lead to imprisonment. And these were not long in realizing your step the plate I had a piece of black tape strategically placed to transform letters, and we imagine that to get rid of fines by fixed speed cameras and mobile.

to Manipulate the license plate of a car can be judged as a crime of falsehood documentary, which is punishable with imprisonment.

The condemned had tried to make the letter C of the license plate number of your motorcycle to look like a G. But then, a good 15 of November 2015, a patrol will give you the high when I was driving down the N-340, in the municipality of Torremolinos, in the realization that something smelled bad in that enrollment. At that time, the defendant made what, according to the agents interpreted it as “strange gestures” to remove the piece of tape adhered to the tuition.

The punishment continued, and the defendant excused herself ensuring that that piece of tape was the work of a “graciosillo” which manipulated the license plates of vehicles that were parked next to their work. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a graciosillo manipulating license plates in my neighborhood.

multa-manipular-matriculaThe big problem is that in the attitude which a priori may seem innocent, as a synonym of starry-eyed, or even a child, can lead to sanctions, really hard.

The Provincial court in Málaga has sentenced to this motorist for a crime of falsehood documentary. So that the penalty imposed is far superior to that you would have received if, for example, would not have tampered with the registration and would have been caught by a radar. we Talk about 2,100€ fine and a sentence of nine months in jail.

In short, and if you were thinking of handling your registration to dodge the radars, it seems that the remedy is much worse than the disease…

Source: South Journal
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