Is it always best to have a car with an airbag?


Today we can no longer buy a new car that does not have at least a pair of front airbags and the side. This security system is required to approve a tourism or industrial vehicles, at least for the driver.

This security system became standard on Mercedes-Benz 30 years ago, long before it was required. In the mid 90’s there were still many cars that are not incorporated series this lifesaver, you had to pay separately.

then we will see a video that explains graphically why we should always travel in a car that has airbags, and flee as from the plague of those who do not have. The footage from the various collision tests are made throughout the world:

Without a doubt, the video is shocking. In all the cases we have seen, the hypothetical driver without airbag would not have gone out live, when you have injuries incompatible with life, or irreversible lesions. The smartest you may have noticed that there is another factor, own car.

As the airbags are mandatory in the major developed countries, if we talk about models without them, is that they are already a bit old, 15-20 years or more. In some developing countries, the airbags are optional in utilitarian and compact, without airbags the results obtained are of 0-star NCAP.

does that Mean that no drivers are always sold? Not

The passive safety is all that is necessary for to reduce the consequences of an accident when this is unavoidable. Basically it is based on three pillars: structure deformation scheduled, seat-belts and airbags. The active safety is about avoiding the accident, before this happens.


According to the laws of elementary physics, all that traveling in a car does at the same speed, that is to say, the relative velocity 0, in the same way that the Earth is never quiet, but we can have the feeling of being unemployed. In a collision, the bodies tend to follow the same speed.

The vehicle itself will begin to slow down violently, and to reduce injury to the occupants, there is a transformation of the kinetic energy (associated with motion) in controlled deformation of the body so that energy does not “eat” the occupants. The passenger compartment is the area most resistant, but it has limits.

however, both the cars of the 90 back, as in the models for developing countries, the steel does not have the same resistance and mechanical characteristics, so that the deformation zones programmed collapse due to excess energy and the stalls are just twisting as if they were butter. There not out live one or with airbags, because the structure breaks. And if it comes alive, it is a matter of luck or low speed.


the role of The safety belt is to keep the occupants subject, that do not leave dismissed or inflicting harm against the dashboard, seats, doors, etc The airbag is a supplement to the seat belt, and is responsible for decelerating the body, protect you from shrapnel or debris product from breakage and keep the passenger better retained in your seat.

If we saw the same video with a current car, made for developed countries, but without airbags, the passengers would suffer no damages in excess of, but not so exaggerated. The structures of deformation are scheduled to be much better and do not collapse with the same ease.

In other words, the effectiveness of the airbag is linked to the design itself of the structure of the vehicle, and how not, to the safety belt. The most modern feature of pretensioners, pyrotechnic (tense at the moment of impact) and load-limiters (relieve the stress on the body, according to be decelerating).


in The end, the limit that marks the difference between life and death is one’s own biomechanical strength of the body. In other words, our fragile body can withstand certain types of impacts, but not to others. Gives equal to that you have 300 airbags.

There are cases of drivers who have survived accidents brutal, as Robert Kubica, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, but they were in racing cars, designed with no relevant limitations of budget, and with all the security measures known. Do all? No, don’t use airbags. Are men out of the ordinary and very well prepared on a physical level, an ordinary person probably would not have withstood something like that.

The airbag is a supplement, is not effective alone

In the end, if the internal organs collide strongly against the bones (such as the brain against the skull or the heart against the rib cage) is enough for the death of the subject. If the vehicle has not been able to absorb the energy required, the body will endure what stamina. The rest is a matter of luck.