Is it possible the return of World Championship GT?


GTLM, GTE, GT3, IMSA, WEC, SRO The world of GT has in recent years been a great expansion, which has led to a diversification of the specifications of the GT. Although the basis for all of these models and championships is in greater or lesser degree, in the cars in GT3, what is certain is that the brands are big problems to be able to have a global program. In this aspect and in the light of the creation of a World Cup of GT at the GP of Macau, the FIA could be appreciating the return of the now-defunct World Championship of GT.

it is Worth remembering that in 2010 it was established the World Championship FIA GT1 thanks to St├ęphane Ratel, although the championship was not successful. This led in 2013 gave way to the FIA GT Series, a championship which has come to mutate, until the current Blancpain GT Series. While ORS seems to be very happy with your new product, thanks to the ‘Balance of Performance’, the absence of official teams and the requirement that every brand that wants to put a car in competition must have at least two units in each round of the championship, the panorama GT is very disorganized.


In this aspect, there is more to look at the specifications of the different tf to understand the current problems to one of the categories of vehicles most successful in decades. In competitions dependent on the IMSA cars are used under specifications GTLM, what comes to be a different name for the vehicles GTE that are used in the World Endurance (WEC). These cars vitamin fortified under the new technical regulations are in the aerodynamics and in other details in connection GT3, cars that dominate the Blancpain GT Series, cups-brand and national categories.

These differences cause disgruntled at all levels. The riders that compete in GTE-Pro in the WEC don’t see recognized his work to not be a World Championship as of right, while brands are forced to develop two different vehicles, as is the case of the Ferrari 488 GTE and GT3 or a BMW, with a M6 GTLM and a M6 GT3 would be willing to develop a BMW M6 GT3. In this aspect, and with the regulations in GTE and GT3 each time more far from unified, a World Championship for GT cars GT3 could be the first step.