Is it possible to improve on perfection? Redux want to create the lightweight BMW M3 E30 dared not make

Is it possible to improve on perfection This is what Redux – a specialist preparer UK – has been proposed. They want to improve the holy grail of BMW Motorsport, the first generation M3 . The lucky owners of an original unit can be cosmetically enhance and streamline its sporty beautiful. With the same attention to detail and high performance that puts into his Porsche Singer 911, will become the M3 Group A worthy beasts , retaining all its charm and appeal. What Redux has in mind?

Leichtbau: the perfect lightweight M3 inspired DTM

A restomod on the basis of BMW M3 E30 ? Tell me where I have to sign.

Redux want to create a Leichtbau. Literally “lightened” in German. The BMW M3 E30 perfect, a mixture of a street M3, a Sport Evolution powered car and swept the DTM in the late 80s . Redux is a British company that intends to do what Singer has performed with the Porsche 911 964. Only in this case the focus is lightened and empowerment of the car. Not seek to strengthen its retro side or alter their perceived age. In any case, it would have a slightly more modern look, but is recognizable as a E30 .

Only nine cars will be manufactured at first, which require taking as a starting point nine original M3, whose current value is € 35,000 – € 40,000 in the second hand market. Redux then send the S14 four-cylinder and 2.3-liter – or 2.5 liters – the specialist KSP Engines. That’s where the magic will work with forged pistons, a new lighter crankshaft, new valves , admission and complete exhaust line and a ECU Bosch modified and tuning more aggressive.

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The result is a car DTM 80 you can drive through the streets.

No detailed figures have power, but the engine could easily earn more than 100 horsepower, becoming almost a specification DTM of Group A, with power close to 400 hp. Even they offer Turbocharge engine option , for what you get one fact: power to weight ratio of 350 hp / tonne. Big words. Of course, all this power shall be accompanied by an excellent dynamic that seeks to transform this Leichtbau in DTM street with which you can even go to the supermarket.

sports suspension braking equipment AP Racing, bacquets for the interior or a roll cage. Weight reduction will focus on the interior and equipment as well as in the body panels, where there will be lots of carbon fiber through. Redux rejuvenated offer a more spartan inside, plus other more luxurious interior, but also minimalist. Externally, we have only sketches, but the team led by Toby sketches Mellor has very good looking.

And the one thing I like is not seeking to alter the spirit of M3 E30 , only enhance it, take it one step further. Generously sized tires a spoiler inspired by classic brand or a front air intakes which mimic that used the M3 Group A . Additionally, some details are inspired by E21 , the first Series 3 BMW (a generation really undervalued). In short, my desire that the first unit to be presented are enormous. What do you think of this fantastic restomod?

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