Is it possible to retrieve the original power of the engine tired? Fifth Gear shows us how to, video

The engines lose power with age. The mere wear of its internal components causes the compression of the engine is not as good as when it left the dealership. Even in engines perfectly manicured, deterioration of filters, spark plugs and systems of fuel supply causes a gradual loss of power. Is it possible to retrieve the power of the initial car, years later? In Fifth Gear is put to work, using a Volkswagen Corrado 2.8 VR6 to see if can restore its original power.

Each test successively in power bank has conducted eight times, and selecting the best value of the measurements obtained.

This Volkswagen Corrado was purchased second-hand by a part of Fifth Gear, and at the time of this experiment had already 18 years of age. After a step for the power bank, the car gave a total power of 177,5 CV, a substantial decrease with respect to the 190 HP the engine of 2.8 liters specified in tab. The first treatment of Fifth Gear has been to use a product cleaner to the power supply system of fuel. The typical bottles that can be purchased at petrol stations and supermarkets.

recuperar-potencia-corrado-2On the paper, clean the dirt accumulated in the fuel lines, fuel pump and injectors. After taking 250 ml in a full tank and using it for a week, the car went back to the dyno. it Had recovered to 5.9 CV! There are that say that the fact of driving a car regularly also helps the engine to run more desahogadamente. It is necessary to mention that it is a single treatment, once the system of fuel supply is clean, it makes no sense to continue using this product.

Oil, filters, spark plugs… a full taper will feel a wonder of a car, especially if you already have a few years.

With 183,4 CV of power, the experiment of Fifth Gear didn’t stop there. The next point was a full taper. Replaced the air filter and cleaned his box, where it had accumulated dirt and dry leaves. Then, changed the oil and filter the oil in the car, using quality components. The result was 2 CV additional recovered. The Corrado was already just 4.6 CV of your specification from the factory. But Fifth Gear did not stop there, and continued making his point.

New spark plugs and new wires for the same were the next step. An operation as something more expensive, but that anyone can perform with some skill and basic tools. 3,3 CV additional were recovered after the replacement of these components, bringing the power end of the car to 188,7 CV, just 1.3 CV below their value in tab. It seems that the car had not lost so much power, and was in good compression, requiring only a good set up with good components.