Is it true that Ericsson invented the mobile phone, and the phone in the car, in 1910?

These days knew of a story that, to be honest, really caught my attention. Back in 1910, Lars Magnus Ericsson, had made the company that bore his surname to become one of the suppliers of telephone equipment most important in Europe. Ericsson, the same that you most likely have created some of the mobile phones that you’ve used in the last two decades. Withdrawn from the company, it was said that Lars was usually in a car that, to the surprise of all and sundry, I had a mobile phone!

it Is said that Lars Magnus Ericsson was driving his car in 1910 with a phone built in, that connects to the downed phone at any time using two sticks telescopic, similar to a fishing rod.

beyond the intricacies of technical that I had to solve a system of this type 106 years ago, it is amazing that Lars had already created a direct association between the means of private transportation that would revolutionize the mobility in the world, and a system of communication that would transform our lives at the end of the TWENTIETH century.

The story has it that Lars and his wife Hilda had a phone on board, and that when they wanted to make a call, stop your car next to a phone line, connected the wires using two long poles telescopic, similar to a fishing rod, and is “plug in” to the line to establish the call. That anecdote has been mentioned in many books and articles, up to the point that few had put its veracity in doubt. But what is certain is that the technique is attributed to Lars Magnus Ericsson was commonly used at the time by those who worked in the telephone companies, including the successor to the command of the company of Lars.


  • The problem is that, as recognized by the company Ericsson Wired in this article from 2013, Lars Magnus and Hilda never had a car, nor driving license. It was usually his son Gustaf who was chauffeur of their parents. With which this urban legend would be water, which does not prevent the story of the beginning of the phone remains equally incredible.

    instead yes that is recognizes the fact that Axel Boström, the already mentioned successor of Ericsson, was given birth to drive your car without a phone on board, to connect it to a line in case of emergency. A solution that helped Axel to ask for help every time you averiaba your car, as all cars of the era was not precisely reliable. The stick that you used to connect your phone even retains these days at the Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

    With which history, far from being certain, and far from being an urban legend, more, certainly leaves us with a really interesting example of how more than a century ago had solved a problem of communication and mobility as important as staying thrown at a car to steam and be able to call someone to provide support.

    The first mobile phone itself, which would also be the first phone in a car, would not arrive until 40 years later. But that is another story…

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