Is it true that Madrid is going to ban diesel in 2020?

long time we have been warning of one of the most important issues for mobility in big european cities, and one of the challenges that needed to be resolved in the coming years, pollution. The traffic restrictions that have been imposed in the last few months are nothing more than the tip of the iceberg of a greater problem, the existence of a fleet that has powered the diesel (because of the concern of the reduction of CO emissions2, as a global problem), leading to a situation even more worrying for the air pollution of our cities (the increase of the NOx emissions, as a local problem). This has led to countries such as France have begun to declare war on the diesel. And that is the reason that could lead to the Madrid city Council has to take measures equally restrictive, which will eliminate partially or totally, to the diesel of the city.

the prohibition of The diesel complete does not seem to be possible. But very probably we will find measures that do restrict the traffic of the diesel oldest and pollutants.

Of time, it is not true that Madrid is going to ban diesels by 2020. We will have to wait to the presentation of the proposed strategic plan by the executive of Madrid in the coming days to know what the roadmap is raised. In any case, all indications are that the plan will lead to the increase of restrictions to vehicles more pollutants, especially diesel, by issuing much larger numbers of NOx than gasoline engines. That was to understand the interview that the Country published today by Inés Sabanés, the councillor of Environment and Mobility of Madrid.

Recall that this topic has already started to talk about a year ago and this is why we put together the following article explaining some aspects that were overlooked: “
Spain, the prohibition of the diesel and contamination: 10 lies and uncomfortable truths“.


  • it Was the PSOE and its candidate Antonio Miguel Carmona, who supposedly bargained with Now Madrid to allow the mayor’s office of Manuela Carmena, who announced his goal to follow the French example of getting to the mayor’s office, and the proposal that aims to eliminate the diesel, especially in Paris, in the next five years.

    [19459006carriedoutwithameasuresuchasthisitislikelythattherestrictionsarenottotaltothedieselingeneralbutonlyaffectthosedieselmorepolluting, which have not been approved under the latest regulations of the european emissions, the Euro V and Euro VI. In any case there are still waiting to confirm the details of this plan, which by some means would result in the expansion of the areas of regulated parking, and other measures highly unpopular, before considering these measures.

    In any case, if something can go anticipating, and something we have clear is that the restrictive measures are not the only ones that should be carried out and who can put a solution to the problem. Pollution by NOx is due not only to vehicular traffic, but also to other factors, such as the systems of heating, or the industry. And it is evident that these measures alone might work to get accompanied by initiatives that promote the use of more efficient vehicles and public transport.

    In the next few days we will know more details about it.

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