Is it worth it to buy a car with a summer offer?

we are in full summer and, a year more, we are bombarded with offers summer to change of car. The question is does it make sense to try to take advantage of these deals at summer or don’t really have much special about it? We have lots of buying guides on What car I buy? to see the latest models and pricing by market segments, but to know if it is worth forward to the summer, the change of car, you can continue reading.

the bases of The deals summer

offers summer are based on two fundamental principles.

The fundamental principle is to play with the idea that we’re opening the car leaving for vacation

The first and most important is to play with the idea that we’re opening the car leaving on vacation with him. It is a proposal tempting, and that illusion of a premiere, mixed with the appetizing holiday can make us rush into the decision, pursuant to a tender spot but without much thought. Eye with this, because a car can last for many years and is an expensive item that would have to buy at least thinking about it a little.

By the way, the idea to have a brand new car on a long summer trip with the whole family can become your worst nightmare. It is easy to that there is any thing that we do not know how to drive well, it may be that something fails, the car snaps off a burning smell, or freshly released that does not let us distinguish between… when you are not familiar with your car, the problems are also new.

mini-cabrio-r52The second fundamental principle is that the new car will have what we miss in the old. Some years ago I was air conditioning “gift” but now it is the rare car that does not incorporate climate control, panoramic roof, or other attractions to enjoy in the summer season. The reality is that any of these items are available within similar deals at any other time of the year, so that we should not blind ourselves with the idea of savouring it already, unless the offer is really good by itself.

what, Then, is it worth buying car or not?

The manufacturers use the summer to appeal to the buy more visceral and less reflective

The conclusion is clear: if the offer is good, will it be in summer or winter, and will be worth it, to harness it, but the manufacturers use the summer to appeal to the buy more visceral and less reflective, so that in general we should be extremely careful with any purchase “immediate” of a well so expensive.

To know the best deals of the moment and consider if is worth it or not, we propose our guide to convertibles that are affordable to squeeze to stop the summer, or our guide to cheap sporting to extract all the juice on to the road with the minimum outlay.


If you still have doubts…

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To learn all of its functions, take a look at our presentation What car do I buy? for this summer.