Is there a conspiracy against Tesla?

You will be with me in that Tesla does not pass through its best moment, or at least lives a blip, perhaps a passenger, you can do a lot of damage to the reputation of the brand. It all started with a loss in the death of the “driver” of a Tesla Model S. Entrecomillamos driver, since in reality the car is moving semi-autonomously thanks to the Autopilot. And that was the reason of this news had such an impact, and all eyes apuntasen to Elon Musk and his men, although the circumstances of the accident to invite us to think that it was hardly avoidable, and the culprit in no case were the driver of the Tesla Model S or the technology Autopilot. And that was when Tesla had to prepare for a barrage of criticism that go beyond the accident. is There a conspiracy against Tesla?

Tesla is one of the brands that more information has been generated in the media in recent years, and in proportion with your sales, it is very likely that it is the brand that has best leveraged their relationship with the media.

That an accident of this magnitude, and in circumstances such as those mentioned above, to transcend to the media, and run rivers of ink, it is logical. Even more when you call Tesla. Tesla is one of the brands that more information has been generated in the media in recent years, and in proportion with your sales, it is very likely that it is the brand that has best leveraged their relationship with the media. We have to recognize that, Tesla we like to the media. We like it because in some way your proposal is original, its aspirations very high and because we see them as a brand that can truly change the landscape of the industry, or at least make a great contribution to make this transformation occur.

When you call yourself a Tesla you have to assume a fact, they will love you, and you hate them. A medium goal could not be love and hate or, better said, they can’t base their articles on love and hatred, and yes in fact. But of course you have to be willing to emerge in both articles that praise your work, such as items that put in doubt any movement practice.


Tesla because he would realize that I was not going to be a bed of roses when, back in 2013, a test of the New York Times left in a very bad place at the Tesla Model S. The response from Tesla was not long in coming, and the newspaper would have to recognize the malpractice of its editor.

With the crash of these days, Tesla has had to cope with a crisis of unprecedented communication. A crisis that does not only contemplated with excitement the media, but also the bulk of the industry. Already, months ago, there were markings that warned of the danger of release of Autopilot at a stage so early, and how a single accident could paralyze the development of the autonomous car.

The response of Tesla to the accident seemed logical. An entry in his blog, one of the main communication channels of the mark next to the Twitter account of Elon Musk, he lamented the loss of a client and spoke to us of the circumstances of the accident. An entry that, even while making it clear that neither Tesla, nor their driver, were the culprits, still left many questions about the autonomous car.


The big problem in this case, and the reason that made Elon Musk interpreted that there is a conspiracy against Tesla, is to be found in an article of Fortune these days. The american magazine was a connection, which for very obvious, that is, not necessarily would have to be a certain, between the capital increase that took place in Tesla in recent weeks, and the announcement of the fatal accident of the Tesla Model S, which occurred just a few days ago.

As a minimum it was suspected that the expansion of capital occurred days after the accident, and that such information about the claim not be made public until a few weeks later. The big problem would be that, according to Tesla Motors, those facts would not be connected as published, with suspicion, from Fortune. We speak of a capital increase that was already scheduled, with advance notice, and at a time when Tesla was still gathering information about what happened. Or at least that is what assures Tesla in an entry from his blog titled, sarcastically, Misfortune. An entry that also accuses Fortune of not having checked the data, and not having waited the answer that Tesla was preparing to its information. And is that Fortune contacted prior to publication to inform Tesla and to confirm some data.

it Is difficult to interpret if there is a conspiracy or not against Tesla. If the number of articles favorable restásemos the harshest criticism, it is likely that imaginásemos to the contrary, that the conspiracy existing is in favor of Tesla, although the harshest critics are usually the most controversy generated.

In any case, and once again, Tesla has to take the advantages and disadvantages of being the center of attention of the media. Which does not imply that you do not have the right to replicate, from your blog, or from Twitter, to those information that they consider wrong, unfair, or unsubstantiated.