Is there a Morris Mini Minor of cardboard inside of a MINI Countryman?

¿Cabe un Morris Mini Minor de cartón dentro de un MINI Countryman?Jumps to the view that the current models of the range MINI are notably larger than the original model and the different versions of the same. In Practical Classics have wanted to show these differences in the size of a very graphic and curious, entering a Morris Mini Minor 1959 1:1 scale and made of cardboard inside of a MINI Countryman, a model that dates back to the year 2010.

This idea came from the fan of the Mini, Jeroen Booij, who, upon seeing the MINI Countryman saw the exaggerated difference with respect to the original model. Booij was convinced that the Mini original was able to enter the Countryman, but it was physically impossible to enter the utility designed by Issigonis in the cabin of the crossover of the brand. Thus emerged the idea of doing it on cardboard.

¿Cabe un Morris Mini Minor de cartón dentro de un MINI Countryman?After a thorough job by using basic tools such as rulers, scissors, cutters, glue and felt pens, it was possible to build a Morris Mini Minor of cardboard 1:1 scale. A BMW dealer Amsterdam provided the Countryman to carry out this nice little experiment. For parts, it was possible to introduce the classic Mini cardboard on the inside, despite the fact that the central part of the snout is deformed slightly with the central console in the Countryman.

If we analyze the result we see that the physical differences between a classic Mini and the Countryman are more than notable, as shown in the following table.

¿Cabe un Morris Mini Minor de cartón dentro de un MINI Countryman?

Mini 1959 Countryman Difference %
Length 3048 mm 4097 mm +34 %
Width 1397 mm 1993 mm +43 %
Height 1346 mm 1561 mm +16 %
Battle 2038mm 2595 mm +27 %
Weight 620 kg 1335 kg +115 %

Source – Practical Classics

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