Is there something in the Honda NSX Type R in the new NSX GT3?

Honda has revealed the first images of the Honda NSX GT3 2017, the Honda NSX racing, some first images that come during the start of throughout the new supercar hybrid Honda in Europe and also match with new rumors about future variants of this second generation of the Honda NSX, among which, of course, not missing a Honda NSX Type R. That worked on the aerodynamics, the carbon fiber body… what we will be getting ahead of something of the future Type R this GT3?

Without a clear date, “only” with Ted Klaus, responsible for the project NSX, mentioning the possible arrival of more versions in Coach, we ran into a Honda NSX GT3, which boasts a new body made in its entirety in carbon fiber, a good handful of additives aerodynamic going through his body, and a mechanical assembly in which the fabric power disappears.

it Is evident that Honda, in the case of the launch of a version Type R, I would seek to lighten the whole and provide a aerodynamics more advanced, but… what’s the point of offering us the concept of body seen on the GT3? All developed of carbon fiber, with that huge spoiler crowning his behind, the canards…

The idea of the V6 stripped of the hybrid system, thereby lightening still more the set and to simplify the mechanical layout, it seems to gain strength among the rumors, but what power would be able to get in deep without the aid of the hybrid system?

1440_NSXGT3_06__5_the model of The “normal” develops 581 horses jointly with 507 horses developed by the block V6, a block that inherits, directly, the GT3. In addition, we must not lose sight that the production model has a complex awd system in which the set electric charge of the front train while the GT3, to dispense with this system, it happens to be rear wheel drive

can Waive the Honda NSX Type R to the hybrid technology to become an even more sporting, lightweight and propulsion? Recall that the model of “normal”, of production, throws in front of the scale weighing 1.725 kg, a high figure.

As you can see there are many questions in the air, starting from the very arrival of a version Type R, hopefully that little bit will be reaching out more details about it.