Is there space for a Audi SQ2? You could use the same engine from the Audi S3

Audi Q2

The range of the Audi Q2 could receive a high-performance variant under the label “S”.

is Not the first time that we talk about the possibility of getting to see a Audi Q2 with soul sports, and an aggressive nature. It is more, not long ago, we published this interesting recreation of the Audi RS Q2. A design with which to anticipate the look that would have this hypothetical Q2 with which to satiate the lust for power and sporting behaviour of the fans of this “baby SUV” of the German firm.

however, in this occasion we talk about a few reports that point in another direction, but in any case, in the same way looking out the side more sporty and dynamic the new Audi Q2. And it has been commented the possibility of getting to see an Audi SQ2. But, is there really space in the range of the compact SUV of Audi for this sport version? Because the truth is that, the chances of ever seeing it are much greater than in the case of the above-mentioned RS Q2.

Now, in the event that the Audi SQ2 finally came to fruition, what engine would hide under your hood? to get to market, all indications are that the variant more sporty the Audi Q2 would be propelled by the the engine of the new Audi S3 2016. Of course, the latest version sports the new A3. A range that was recently launched to the day and you already have all the keys.

Audi Q2 - frontal

The look of the new Audi Q2, to detail.

Talk of a engine 2.0 TFSI producing an output of 310 HP and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. An improved engine to get an extra 10 HP and 20 Nm. Therefore, if you make use of this engine, we can also expect that the rumored SQ2 receive more items, both technical and mechanical that are currently in the range of the above-mentioned Audi S3.

In any case, we’ll have to wait to first get the new Audi Q2 to the dealers to go clearing doubts about the future of the range. A launch that will take place from next autumn.