Is this the facelift of the Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model S lavado de caraThe offensive Tesla looks like he is still very strong in the last year. After the launch of its SUV, the Tesla Model X and the general and successful Tesla Model 3, it now seems that it’s the turn of renewal to its flagship. The Tesla Model S 2017 could be about to arrive, so much so that have come some images which appear to show the look you will have this face wash.

In the next few days or even in the next few hours could be presented in a formal way this facelift which is the source for a renewed appearance with a front, which draws heavily on their brothers Model X and Model 3. The new model will also come with a new palette of colors, more designs of rims and a glittery image on the front headlights and in the drivers rear.

Tesla Model S lavado de caraIn the interior would continue the changes and your passenger compartment it would be more luxurious and with more holes slides. It is also possible to enter the seats on the Model X, and its air filtration system. Some of the most important news would be some improvements of the Autopilot, and also his electric thruster. Add a new Model S P100D (above the P90D) that would include a new battery of 100 kWh.

Thanks to the new battery, more powerful than the current 90 kWh, autonomy would be increased considerably, surpassing the current of 482 kilometers (300 miles) and can be placed in 515 miles (320 miles). The performance would also be higher and could improve the 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds, gets the current ‘Ludicrous Mode’. The changes above would add up to a price increase. Although there will still be patients and wait for the official information that will clear all these doubts.

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