Is this the final appearance of the Ford GT production?


This may be the first Ford GT production see

Of the Ford GT until now we have only seen prototypes on numerous occasions but his production version has not yet seen the light of day officially. On the internet is circulating a picture that seems to reveal the supercar set to roll through american streets. Its appearance is as similar to the prototype that many times we have seen that has gone quite unnoticed.

As similar to the prototype that has gone unnoticed

If we look a little we will notice that the mirrors are larger that the concept of Ford, conventional aspect for a vehicle that will flow through the street. Another modification must be found in the sides of the front bumper where they are positioned classics reflectors orange that every car must have when it is marketed in North America.

More details remarkable we found as the large spoiler type wing high height in the behind that seems to possess a mechanism for regulating the electrical torque windshield wipers, brake system conventional and the grids of the outlets of cooling on the rear axle are different with respect to those of the prototype.

After the vehicle observed a series of windshield including one with logos of Ford, Corning, and Gorilla Glass, it seems that the vehicle has been used in some internal event to present the particular technology normally used in the screens of the mobile that has been transplanted to the sport the blue oval.

it Is expected that the new Ford GT is presented in an official manner in your production version of the next Hall of Detroit, of the 11 to the 24 of January 2016.