Is this the new McLaren 688HS?

McLaren 688HSSince long time there is a rumor that comes straight from Woking. There might be born soon McLaren 688HS, a new sport that would take as base the McLaren 675LT and it would have a concept even more radical. Today we get some unofficial images of this new model, whose name is composed by its power, with the words ‘High Sport’, all a declaration of intentions.

As we can see, its exterior would present an aerodynamics more elaborate and focused on track use. The carbon fiber is extended by their bodywork thanks to elements like the front splitter more prominent, some flaps under the headlights or a air intake on the roof. We will also see a new rear spoiler mobile, which comes with technology DRS (Drag Reduction System) in Formula 1.

McLaren 688HSAs we said, the name of the sport comes by its power, and it is expected that the well-known motor V8 biturbo engine of 3.8 liters scope the 688 CV. This would entail an increase of 13 HP compared to the McLaren 675LT. Not that it’s a very significant rise, but the new McLaren 688HS also come with a reduction of weight of about 40 kg. This would improve its performance, marking a 0-100 km/h in 2,9 seconds.

We are anxious to know the official information about the new sport of Woking. The rumors suggest that it will be a very limited edition, that it could occur only 25 units. This is very little taking into account that the McLaren 675LT is made 500 units and later came other 500 version Spyder. It took very little to sell, so we imagine that this McLaren 688HS, it will be very difficult to get.

Source – AutoGespot