Is this the redesign of the Volkswagen Golf 2016?

Volkswagen Golf 2016 restylingwe Know that Volkswagen is going to update your Golf, a model that does not takes too much time between us, but that is about to receive an update. Among the new features are expected to new technology but also new aesthetic. Precisely, it seems that have been leaked a couple of drawings that promise to advance the appearance of the new Volkswagen Golf 2016. Although there are not too many data.

just a few hours, he leaked a video in which Volkswagen showed the benefits of the new digital dashboard of the Golf course, as well as the new multimedia system with gestural control. The issue is that looking at the video, you can see an animation when you turn off the car that shows a Golf with a look of something renewed but we do not know at all what is. I’ll explain.

Volkswagen Golf 2016 restylingThe Golf that appears in the video is a Golf GTE judging by the scorecard that shows a potentiometer and the electric range. We are faced with the possibility that it is a Golf GTE or whether it is a new Golf plug-in hybrid without both outline of sports. But let’s focus on the first option.

When you turn off the car appears to have an animation where you see a Golf with new bumper, in fact that is the novelty. Searching, does not seem to or to the Golf standard nor the current Golf GTE, which could announce a review of style at least for the plug-in hybrid. In any case, the changes are rather subtle but at first glance grateful.


The front bumper is something more horizontal, and provides a new integration of the fog lights. There is, it seems, or some new headlights or a new grill and lose the daytime running lights in a C-shape AWG. Back yes that is more note the presence of a low bumper that call attention to themselves. Left side dual exhaust exit to the side and placed two tailpipes integrated in a molding that emphasize the sporty character.

Is to assume that if there is a new level of aesthetics in the Golf GTE, which would be the version of the images, and also on the range Golf conventional. To know whether this is so or not will have to wait at least until January, when we celebrate the CES 2016 Las Vegas and present the update to the Golf 2016. There we will get to know more details about your new dashboard and multimedia system, as well as whether they arrive or not cosmetic changes.

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