Isabella EV Concept of Borgward, is another good competitor to Tesla?

a few months ago I mentioned the arrival of an electric very special, the Isabella. Well, the day of their presentation in Frankfurt has come and its full name is the Borgward Isabella EV Concept. A modern reinterpretation of the classic model, with a revolutionary design, an aerodynamic bodywork and interior space to spare.

The model on which it is based this prototype is the legendary Isabella of the fifties. But, that little car is part of a few lines. This concept represents the future focus of Borgward, in what refers to design and technology of electric propulsion.

On paper, the Isabella is a four-door coupe to four people, with external dimensions similar to the Tesla Model S: 5 meters long, 1.4 metres high and 1.9 ” wide. In the interior still has the appearance of concept fantasy that we will not see anything in the future, although on the outside its appearance is more realistic with regard to the model that could be manufactured, according to officials of Borgward.

What are the plans for the Borgward

The car manufacturer has its headquarters in Stuttgart and plans to enter the German market at the end of the year, with the first units of Borgward BX7 TS Limited Edition, which will reach their customers in the fourth quarter. They also plan to introduce in Europe BX7 normal and BX6, both with petrol engines.

According to the head of design, Anders Warming: “the shape of the bodywork of the Isabella is carefully provided to you to get some smooth transitions, and has a perfect balance between rounded shapes and precise lines. Our goal is to create synergy between beauty and technology.”

To do so, according to Warming, have been given priority to aerodynamics and the efficiency and then give you a few flowing forms. “We are convinced that the body of the vehicle, through which the air flows perfectly, radiates accessibility, attractiveness, and a commanding presence”.

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