Isidre Esteve presents his project for the Dakar 2017

Isidre Esteve is ready to return to the Dakar. After competing in 2009 with a car adapted and suffer tremendous ulcers, the Catalan driver returns to raid more hard of the world to removed the thorn that stayed with him eight years ago. To avoid this evil that accompanies so often the pilots disabled, spaniard Isidre Esteve has a new traveling companion. it Is a cushion smart designed next to the Hospital Vall d’hebron and the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat, an element that will allow you to compete at the wheel of his Mitsubishi T1-S adapted to without suffering these wounds.

For this reason, Isidre Esteve has wanted to present their project face to the Dakar rally 2017, in an effort in which in addition to their regular sponsors, KH-7, and Onyx, Repsol also, multinational closely linked to Esteve as the Catalan driver defended his colors when I was competing in the category of bikes along with riders of the caliber of Jordi Arcarons or Nani Roma. Now, the claims of Esteve are very different, but keeps the passion with which he faced his first participations in the Dakar: Is more than a competition. It is a way of understanding life. Board of amateurs with professionals”.

In this aspect, spaniard Isidre Esteve is brand targets restrained in their
back to the Dakar, the entire time that the main goal is to enjoy next to
Txema Villalobos of a test with an essence other than that I could
be used: “We are here because we have done things well. I’m
impressed able to enjoy my passion, something that is my
. The goal is to find the rhythm and after three or four stages,
fight to finish as high as possible in our classification. Despite
of all, I do not obsess with this and we really want to finish to
add the maximum experience

In this aspect, one of the
major challenges for Isidre Esteve is the wrong height
, as it is a
experience that didn’t live in 2009 and that will deal with the six
stages that take place in high altitude, with Bolivia as the epicentre:
We have started to work in march. I think the team and the car
will be at a good level. It’s going to be a Dakar too complicated for navigation
and above all, to spend six days in the height. When Marc Coma made
charge of the tour I imagined something like that. My experience on a bike I
help you navigate
and I think we’ve prepared well for the height”.