iStream Carbon, the secret of the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept


The iStream Carbon is a carbon-fibre chassis affordable intended for manufacture of sports

The prototype Yamaha Sports Ride Concept is without a doubt one of the most spectacular in the Lounge of Tokyo in 2015. The manufacturer best known for the motorcycles ever seen the halls of japan with some creations as unique as this. However, it is not more than the tip of an iceberg since that in its interior hides a real masterpiece made in carbon fiber which is not visible to the naked eye.

A chassis made of carbon fiber of high quality and affordable for the construction of sports, simply brilliant

The sport is built on the new ultra-light frame named iStream Carbon and developed by the well-known Gordon Murray, former McLaren that among other works he was involved in the iconic sporty three-seater McLaren F1. As a tip, the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept only weighs 750 Kg.

it Is a tubular frame of panels of carbon fiber that is intended to be a reference in terms of lightness and rigidity without forget the safety. This chassis promises to be an excellent basis for the development of sports affordable due to its fast production at a price that can be really attractive depending on the volume. It has as peculiarity that it uses a honeycomb structure between two sheets of fiber carbono.


The spectacular sports of the Yamaha hides the chassis iStream Carbon in its interior

The process of manufacture is fully machined and just needs to 100 seconds to complete. It is much faster and cheaper to make than other chassis more expensive that are equally efficient. Murray claims that he can get to produce 350,000 units per year intended for sports accessible and volume of sales.

For Murray, the investment in engines, transmissions, tires, and electrical systems to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions to the environment have been stalled due to the high point of optimization. In these moments comes out more cost-effective to work on weight reduction of the set, obviously, in this factor the chassis is a key element.

Also makes it clear that the iStream Carbon does not replace the chassis iStream presented earlier in the Yamaha MOTIV, but it is a step beyond. In fact declares that they are currently working on the development of seven vehicles, using the chassis iStream original.