It appears a Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z V8 1985 almost brand new for sale


Little more than thirty years and less than 10,000 miles.

so there are specimens for sale as the pictures show, units with a large number of years, but for many reasons are basically brand new. These situations usually occur mostly in the united States, where we can find a buoyant market and classic auctions, and where a simple reference paint body causes a vehicle to become rare and therefore collectible and desirable.

so it is not surprising to meet with some of the pieces in the hands of users, not collectors, which have been preserved with care, or even, simply acquired to be stored. Examples of this can be found with models with special finishes for the Corvette or the more recent Ford GT 2005, they’re already even, there have appeared several copies brand new.

What is not so usual is to laugh, joke models like the one in the picture, a Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z, a version fairly common in that market despite the fact that this account, with the option of mechanical V8 305, in addition, on this occasion is associated with a less desirable and more common automatic gearbox.


Completely original and flawless.

The model of the pictures is a exemplary 1985 , and mounts the greatest option mechanics available at that time, the V8 5.0-liter injection with anemic 157 HP and 332 Nm of torque, to about 1.455 kilos dry. These were the last years of the dark era of motorsport of the us, when the regulations on emissions and the subsequent oil crisis led to a drastic drop in the performance of the mechanical work developed in that country.

That was also the year that debuted the popular version IROC-Z, which stands for International Race of Champions, a championship that is held with pilots star of several categories in the united States since the mid-seventies, and where all the drivers used the same car, in its early years was the Camaro the sports chosen.

Currently, the Camaro’s third generation do not have a market value of of the classic high enough to be able to consider them a gem of a collection, even in the amazing state in which is located this.


Each element shows the brightness and texture of the first day.

By heralding the seller, this copy had a ridiculous use, a 5.600 miles or a little more than 9,000 miles. The detail images reveal the impeccable state of the specimen, even in the low or in the engine bay we can find any trace of dirt. All their items are flawless, plastic, trim, upholstery, tires or emblems have the brightness of the first day.

This seems to be because not only has it been parked ever in the light of the sun or under the rain, but that during the 31 years that has this Camaro has been stored in a garage with climate-controlled, so more than kept this has been preserved.

it is Not clear the reasons that it appears now on sale. The characteristics of his confinement induce to think that he has , owned by a careful collector and who now seems determined to take revenue to your investment. Perhaps their more than thirty years, or the coincidence of the 50th anniversary of the Camaro have been the reasons why you have decided to get rid of the.


The small block 5.0-liter is shown-spotless.

Make room in the collection, one of the most common reasons to put up for sale part of a collection, seems not to have been one of the reasons. Because after some 60 bids that blew the roof of the 14.100 dollars, the seller decided to out of the sale once I had just the time of the auction. So it seems that we are simply faced with another seller who overestimates the value of his copy.

it Is likely that we go back to see this unit in any of the large auctions that are held in that market. The seller was registered in Bedford, Ohio, so that the great events closest to you could be in Cleveland or Detroit, the centres of population nearby more important.

What is clear is the high historical value that may have this Camaro as time capsule that is, because they displayed a magnificent state of form and originality, even with his tires and audio system original and in perfect state of operation.