It appears again for sale the Ford GT slower in the world


it serves Only to be exposed.

it Was just a few months ago when we knew the existence of this particular prototype of the Ford GT, the the first functional prototype of the model and who was born in 2003 to validate the design process and establish the foundation on which is based the prototype development later. Therefore, this was the first Ford GT had its engine and transmission complete, at the same time, some peculiarities that make it unique.

Named CP-1, ) Confirmation Prototype 1, was put on sale in an event of Barrett-Jackson in the middle of this year, but a high reserve price avoided to find a buyer. That, and the Ford GT CP-1 has a unique particularity, as it is the Ford GT slower in the world.

As we will explain in detail a few months ago, this prototype is created from various elements interim, some of the prototypes and previous others drawn from other models of the brand, and therefore, may not be approved. So now is the time to sell it, Ford decided to install a chip in your ecu which limits its maximum speed to just 8 km/h, to prevent that no one could drive the model, which does not have standardized elements of security.


This prototype features unique elements.

Some of these peculiar elements which include the steering wheel of the Mustang, the steering column of a van of the brand and the most curious of all, the rear hood made of carbon fiber. He had originally planned it to be done in this material and that’s why the prototype CP-1 takes it, but when the executives of Ford discovered that each unit would cost $ 45,000, the banned automatically. Going to do them in aluminum.

Its current owner is none other than Joey Limongelli, the most well-respected collector and a specialist collector of the Ford GT, the author of the book “Ford GT 2005-2006 The Complete Owners Experience”, considered by many as the literary work’s final model.

For the moment we do not know the reserve price, you can have this
exemplary, that now it will be auctioned off by Russo & Steele in Scottsdale,
between the 18 and 22 January 2017.