It appears the last of the McLaren M81 Ford Mustang for sale


One of the Mustang more rare.

a while Ago we told you the story of the two first copies of the McLaren M81 Mustang, a limited edition pony car prepared by the u.s. division of McLaren, McLaren Engines, now severed from the british team and part of a huge industrial conglomerate canadian. These units corresponded with the first numbers of the chassis of the model, both of the road version as the variant with specifications IMSA GTO competition.

Of these two, the road version was the same unit that was used for his presentation to the press, and later ended up in a casino as a prize from a slot machine. The lucky winner will not only not used, but later was made with one of the only two copies that were created with specifications IMSA GTO. Both were hidden in a garage for over 30 years, without hardly be used. After the death of the owner, a lucky buyer is done with the two copies. Two genuine rarities that can only increase with time.

As we told you in your day, when line by line the history of this curious model, despite the fact that the initial project contemplated the production of a few hundred units, the project was cancelled when only one had been manufactured 10 units. These units are commonly referred to as prototypes, but actually were sold through the regular channels.


The tenth exemplary.

The copy that appears in these images not only belong to one of these 10 copies, initial – later was made another series in partnership with the American Sunroof Company (ASC) – but that is the number 10 and therefore, it is officially the last exemplary initial.

This has re-appeared again for sale in the network, curiously enough, little time after having changed hands. Has an exceptional status, and despite it being almost brand new as the specimen #001 has had a very comfortable life. Your odometer mark and less than 5,000 miles, less than 8,000 miles.

The copy has a more obvious historical value, although in the
time of writing of this article its price had not yet risen
too. The two units mentioned above managed to achieve
a value on eBay at around $ 60,000 each
, however the
copy #010 has only reached the $ 20,000.

it was Only made 10 copies.

Based on the Mustang “Fox Body”, named for the platform employed, the McLaren M81 Mustang did not use the option of more powerful engine existing in the range in that time. The intention was to create a real vehicle serve as a basis for competition, in addition to to promote the new turbocharged engines of 4-cylinder, so use a motor of relatively small size, a 4-cylinder 2.3-litre supercharged.

At that time, the successive oil crises had made a dent in the buying habits of the country. Had disappeared completely the muscle cars and many segments had begun to lose bellows, such as large coupes two-door derivative of larger sedans. At that time the Mustang had a small tetracilíndrico supercharged range regular.

Although the birth of the McLaren M81 Mustang coincided in time with that of the division SVO Ford, this project was already advanced when this division was in operation. For many this was the first model to come out of the department Special Vehicles Operations, however only participated in the development of the subsequent version of competition for the class IMSA GTO.

A four cylinders turbo of 177 horses.

The original engine did, in its best variant, about 132 horses, and after passing through the hands of McLaren’s Engines came to have 177 HP under the hood of the M81. This is mainly thanks to a turbocharger Garret T3 adjustable. There was who was regulated to a pressure slightly higher than the one stipulated by the brand, achieving a 192 HP.

Of the ten specimens manufactured by lmost came out with the orange paint, the symbol of the team McLaren and this is the one that preserves the specimen number #010, just like the other two units mentioned.

Finally, with a price of 25,000 dollars of the time, about 70,000
today’s dollars taking inflation into account
, the brand decided to
delete the project. Leaving these first 10 units as parts
museum from the first moment that you set foot in the streets.