It can be yours! To auction the Cadillac Escalade of Tony Soprano

Who does not remember those scenes that are already a history of fiction in television? Tony Soprano, with his face of mischievous and good-natured, the last person you would expect to lead the mafia of New Jersey, sitting in his huge Cadillac Escalade. The same that starred in one of the persecutions, more hilarious after not less histrionic Phil Leotard. For those of us leaped a tear while we gave shots to our television with that black cast, and that even we refuse to believe time and time again that the death of James Gandolfini outside the way, serve you this notice of remembrance sweet of those years in which the production of the HBO us hooked like few series had achieved up to the moment. The Cadillac Escalade of Tony Soprano auction the next day, November 12, .

The unit in question is a Cadillac Escalade ESV 2003, in cream color, one of the two vehicles that are identical, purchased the company Movie Time Cars for the production of the series. This Escalade was the personal car of Tony Soprano, and the one used for most of the escensa exterior. It retains its enrolment of New Jersey, “42QVLT” and is currently in Vancouver, Canada.

The bid will start at $ 5,000. The final bid is hard to predict what figure will be shed.

For if that were not enough, this Escalade account with the signature and dedication of the own James Gandolfini, who signed on the glove box, and in the visor of the hood, with a, “thanks for the truck”.

The unit that is being auctioned is precisely the same as that appeared in the famous scene with Phil Leotard in the fifth season, the same as you can see this video.

Source: RR Auction
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