It cancels the first loop of Friday in the Rally of Mexico


The Rally of Mexico has not begun in the best way. To
despite the success of the call for the super special in the Socket of the City of
Mexico, washed by the rain, the cold and the discreet lighting, to bring the
WRC to the capital of the country has had its consequences. A traffic accident
in one of the roads linking Mexico City and Guanajuato has left
caught up to the vehicle that drove her to the World Rally Cars
and the rest of
cars enrolled in the trial. This circumstance has forced the cancellation
in the first loop of the stage Friday

Although in principle this accident should not affect the
celebration of the rest of the stage, the cancellation of the first two sections
of the day supposed to a remarkable setback for the Rally of Mexico. However, the
SS2 and SS3 represent the first past by ‘Chocolate’ and
. In this aspect, the route of the rally will be reduced in 74,58
and although the total distance remains above 300 kilometers,
the fans will lose the opportunity to see one of the two passes by ‘Chocolate’ and their 54,90 kilometers, one of the special techniques of the test.

The cancellation of the first loop of the Rally of Mexico again
open the debate on the need to create super special large
away from the epicenter of the test. In the case of this quote the
distance between Mexico City and Guanajuato is 400 kilometres, and although in
this occasion has been a traffic accident, the WRC has already experienced some
the situation is similar. In fact, in the Rally of Argentina 2007 was cancelled
almost the entirety of the first stage
due to the impossibility of flying from
Buenos Aires to the region where it took the rest of the rally.