It falls to a band of thieves highway, with more than 450 robberies have


Conclude the operation “Tightrope”, in which we have arrested six people after making records in their homes. The agents have seized five vehicles and a large amount of personal effects, cash, and documentation that will serve in the trial against them.

The band was composed of spaniards and eastern europeans, followed the same modus operandi than other bands of robbers used it in the past few years. Seek their victims in service stations, where they prick one or two tires.

Subsequently, when drivers are in distress, come to their height with another car, and make them signals to stop, offering their help. At first, everything seems normal, are low a man with intention to help, and the victim agrees without suspecting.


Meanwhile, in the car of the band remains hidden to the other thief, which is low in stealth mode and accessed the inside of the car of the victim, with or without people. The accomplice takes whatever value it finds, and returns to his car. Then, the first one that got back to the car, and disappear.

The Civil Guard accused of more than 450 robberies and thefts, not only in the AP-7, also in Aragon, Castilla and León, Catalonia, Community of Valencia, Madrid and Basque Country. The AP-7 was his favorite place because it is a route frequented by foreign tourists with material juicy to steal. There are victims who were literally with him since.

In the records has appeared in everything: technology (computers, tablets, mobile), clothing (handbags, eyewear, clothing), perfumes… even machetes. The records were made in five houses of Tarragona, in Montroig del Camp, Hospitalet de LInnfat.


The Civil Guard, in addition to the evidence of the registers, account with recordings of cameras of dashboard. In a video distributed to the media sees the band operating with a Ford Focus silver and a SEAT Leon white. The armed institute does not clarify if there are recordings of the victims or the agents posed as victims.

The list of crimes that will be judged is not a short one. Not only is the theft and the theft (from a certain amount), but falsehood documentary, money laundering, membership of a criminal organization and, of course, against the road safety.

by Reviewing the library, there are several cases of robberies on the AP-7, for example in the service area of Benicarlo

it Is difficult to prevent something like that happening, but you can reduce the risk without losing sight of the car at any point within the service area. Or that, or pneumatic run-on-flat, which allow circular 80 km/h without air, during the miles enough to not have to stop you.

The large number of complaints from victims put on alert to the police. This is not the first nor the last band that operates in this way, we must not let down our guard or on a vacation.