It filtering! Are you the new Opel Zafira 2016?

The car that appears in your screens is according to the source of the leak, the new Opel Zafira. The minivan German leads in the market since a few years, and it’s time for your change of cycle. Of update to half life-shopping, talking with property. The filtration should be of the comparator of the web’s German Opel, and everything seems to indicate that the leak is legitimate. All in all, always have to take it with a pinch of skepticism. Let’s see what has changed, the new Opel Zafira.

Aires Astra for the minivan of seven-seater Russelsheim.

The most obvious difference is the front, it is updated to the current design language of Opel. Everything changes: the bumper and its antinieblas, the shape of the headlights and the calender. The feeling is in general very “Astra”. It is logical: it is the flagship of the brand and it’s the one that the rest of the models should be adapted. Their optical suggest the presence of LED lights matrix, the famous IntelliLux of the new Astra – which we hope to be able soon to fully test. The changes in your behind seem to be minimal with respect to the current Zafira.

opel-zafira-2016-filtrado-1In its interior is where they happen the most of the changes. The steering wheel and instrumentation are new, and again are clearly identical to those of the compact reference. The central display house a system IntelliLink of last generation, with compatabilidad for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The lines are more clean, and thankfully, Opel abandon the excessive profusion of buttons in their vehicles of previous generation. Also, the dowry of active safety will also improve considerably.

Assistant lane keeping, braking automatic, adaptive cruise control… all the innovations performed either in models such as the Opel Insignia will be available in the Zafira. Level of interior space and modularity will be maintained in the line, while mechanically will make use of the recent news of Opel. I’m talking about the engine 1.6 CDTI Biturbo 160 HP, that we were able to test in the Astra Sports Tourer. Maybe as a engine of access is received, the 1.0 turbo 115 HP gasoline.

opel-zafira-2016-filtrado-7Be that as it may, in a few days we will know all the final data on this renewed monvolumen. Stay tuned.

Source: Carscoops